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My Subscription Addiction

How to Bring Your A-Game to the Summer Potluck with Caraway’s No-Fail Bakeware

Kirby Mekler
ByKirby MeklerAug 22, 2022In Partnership With Caraway

Summer is here, and that means it’s potluck season! I'm all about finding cute, multifunctional bakeware – items that perform well, clean up easily, and look good in my kitchen (or out on a potluck table) are golden in my book. So when I had the opportunity to try Caraway’s non-stick baking line, I was super excited. I’d gotten ads for Caraway’s beyond-cute cookware for a while now, and have been very curious about it.

What’s Special about Caraway?

First thing’s first, it’s impeccably designed. Every Caraway product I’ve seen has been aesthetically pleasing to the max. That might not be important for some, but I personally prefer cookware that’s pretty. I have a teeny tiny kitchen that’s lacking in storage, so I usually have a piece or two on display on my stovetop.

Caraway also includes under-the-counter organizers with their sets. That was a big selling point, as prior to receiving these products my bakeware was piled into my cabinet in the most haphazard way. Every time I reached in to grab something, five other things would tumble out. For someone who cooks and bakes a lot, that’s less than ideal.

Caraway’s bakeware also features a toxin-free ceramic coating. This keeps food from sticking to it and makes for easy cleanup. And unlike the ancient bakeware I’ve been using for more than a decade, it won’t leach toxic chemicals into my food and home.

First Impressions

Let’s get down to business. As soon as I pulled these babies out of their box, I was thrilled. They feel incredibly well made. Very sturdy. And they look as good as they did online! The included organizers are incredible, and I couldn’t wait to get them into my cabinet.

Precisely one day after getting this set, I made muffins using my new muffin pan. I opted for blueberry and matcha muffins topped with blueberry cream cheese (you can find the recipe here). These muffins using in-season berries will be my go-to potluck dish this summer. They baked very evenly, which is always a great sign. And I was really impressed because some blueberry cream cheese oozed onto the pan, and it wiped right off. Like, with the swipe of a finger. No sticking whatsoever. A dream come true.

Concerns and Caveats

I’m curious how the non-stick will hold up, since I’ve used other products with ceramic non-stick coating that didn’t last very long. However, Caraway includes "care and cleaning" guidelines that outline how to ensure the longevity of your pans (i.e., you can't use metal utensils with this cookware). I consider purchases for my kitchen an investment and so far, Caraway certainly feels durable and well made. In fact, I dropped one of my new pans (in my defense, I have a toddler) and when I picked it up, it was completely unscathed. So I think that’s a very good sign.

The one caveat I have for this set is that it’s not dishwasher friendly. Throwing things in the dishwasher is one of my greatest joys in life. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get it. But based on my initial bake and a couple other things that I’ve roasted, washing these items by hand is a breeze.

In Closing

I think it’s safe to say that Caraway’s no-fail bakeware leveled my kitchen and my summer entertaining plans up quite a bit. The storage alone is a massive game-changer, but I’m also just so excited to have a beautifully designed set of matching bakeware. It makes me feel very put together. And I love that it’s pretty enough to put on a table for guests. Dinner parties at my house are about to get a whole lot cuter, and the cleanup a lot less dreadful.

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Kirby Mekler
Kirby Mekler

Kirby is a Los Angeles based food and product photographer and stylist. She also writes about all things food, travel and lifestyle over on her blog, Leisure Fan Club. When it comes to food, she enjoys veggie forward dishes with bold flavors. She's also obsessed with nature, animals, and seeing as much of the world as she possibly can.