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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How To Be Prepared For Any and Every Situation the Wild Throws At You

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperSep 16, 2022In partnership with BattlBox

I love the great outdoors. Whether it’s fishing, canoeing, or wild camping, there’s nothing like connecting with nature and taking a break from the modern world. I used to be a Boy Scout and a key lesson I learned was this – be prepared. Preparation is vital when you’re engaged in any outdoor pursuits, plus it makes everyday life easier too. So I was genuinely thrilled to hear about Battlbox, a subscription that delivers amazing outdoor and survival gear every month.

Every item featured in Battlbox has been hand-selected and tested by their expert team  — so you know you’re getting quality gear like fire starters, med-kits, water filters, tents, backpacks, tools, shelf-stable foods, and other essential outdoor equipment. I have to confess I was genuinely excited to receive this box. Like a kid at Christmas, I couldn’t wait to see what cool stuff I was about to get!

I received the Pro Plus Box, which includes everything that Battlbox has to offer that month, with an average value of $287! But there are different levels that you can sign up for, starting with the Basic Box.

Comfortable and convenient camping

Being in the wild doesn’t mean being uncomfortable if you’re prepared.

The first item at the entry level is the Charlotte’s Webbing camp organizer. Made with recycled plastics, it has multiple applications. Keep gear up off the ground, organize your campsite, and dry clothes (so so important for a comfortable camping trip), all using this lightweight and durable webbing with aluminum carabiners.

Next up is the Toadfish 10oz Rocks Tumbler. This one is a legit game-changer. Many a time I’ve knocked over a cup while on the road, reeling in a fish on my buddy’s boat, or sitting by the fire at a campsite. Well, never again! The durable Toadfish Tumbler always stays securely upright thanks to its suction base, and it’s insulated to maintain your beverage at the ideal temperature. With built-in measurements and a shatter-proof lid, this is no ordinary cup. Plus, for every tumbler sold, Toadfish will replant oyster beds to help keep coastal waters clean.

Battlbox gear isn’t just for those who venture out into the wild – it can make life easier around the home as well. In this box, I received an Atwood Rope Micro Cord Dispenser. With a built-in blade that makes cutting cords easy, this little tool is super useful for any situation, from gardening to hanging decorations around the house during the holidays to setting trap lines while camping in the backwoods.

Readiness could save your life

The gear in a Battlbox will help make your next trip better. But there are possible scenarios that we should prepare for at home.

At the Advanced Box level, I received a Puribag and P&G Combo — a kit that will clean and purify even the dirtiest water. Removing toxins, bacteria, and other nasty things you don’t want to drink, this handy system weighs less than half a pound and can carry 2.5 gallons of water.

That’s super useful when you’re camping and reliably fresh water might not be available. But I live in a hurricane zone and something like the Puribag and P&G Combo really could help in an emergency or survival situation. It comes with twelve packets of water treatment, providing me with a serious amount of H2O in the (hopefully unneeded) event that potable water is in short supply.

The right tools for the task

The next level up for Battlbox is the Pro Box. For this level, I received a Toadfish Stowaway Filet System. This offers a high-performance titanium coated folding blade, plus a non-slip cutting board that folds away to a convenient travel size — perfect for fileting wild-caught trout on your next fishing trip! The system comes in a stylish neoprene case, designed to keep everything neatly together.

At the highest level offered by Battlbox, the Pro Plus Box, I received a Summit Olympus Folder. Rugged but elegant, this is an excellent multipurpose tool with a steel blade, carbon fiber scales, and brass hardware. Small enough to slip into the pocket of your jeans but strong enough to tackle many everyday tasks, this is a must-have for any guy.

So, while I’m no longer a Boy Scout, thanks to Battlbox I’ll always “be prepared”.