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How This DTC Baby Brand Cut Their CPA By Over 40% Through 3rd Party Quizzes

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsDec 5, 2022

The Paid Acquisition Challenge and Customer Profile

This DTC baby brand is one of the leading baby companies in the eCommerce/DTC space. Their customers are mainly new mothers and a bulk of their customer acquisition is driven by Facebook and Instagram.

Because they offer such a wide selection of products and variants, one of the core challenges they face is efficiently guiding their customers to the right product for their child’s needs at a lower cost while building a profitable email list.

The Solution: Third-Party, Unbranded Quiz

To solve this, MSA came up with the idea of testing third-party, unbranded quizzes for the brand through a creator's voice. The unbranded nature of the quiz makes it more authentic and do an effective job of educating customers on their needs before attempting to sell. They're also coming from the voice of a content creator - the DTC baby brand is able to run the ads through relevant content creators FB/IG pages and give users a personalized, relevant experience that is authentic to the brand.

MSA proposed the idea of leaning heavily into an educational angle for their prospecting efforts through a quiz to address customer needs and pain points in an authentic, non-salesly manner.

Typically, e-commerce quizzes are hosted on the brand’s domain and focus on finding the right product selection for the customer, rather than highlighting the needs and pain points of the customer before all-else. They also don't come from authentic creator voices, which makes it hard for potential customers to relate and feel like they are being spoken to from a real, relatable person.

With MSA’s third-party, educational quiz, users answer 6+ non-branded questions quiz before being introduced to the brand and their offering. They’re asked things like whether their child can walk, what types of food they're eating and more. At that point, users have been given all of the context they need to make a purchase decision and answered questions themselves that highlight their need for their product.

Cutting Prospecting CPAs Almost In Half

The quiz has driven fantastic results for the DTC baby brand in prospecting campaigns on Facebook and helped the brand unlock further scale as they head into the New Year.

They're able to drive completion rates above 25% in broad prospecting audiences. Of those who complete the quiz, their purchase conversion rate is steadily around 30%, which is magnitudes above average for e-commerce quizzes.

Following the 25%+ completion rate and 30% CVR, their prospecting CPAs from the quiz are significantly more efficient than the internal campaigns by about 30%.

Scaling Lead Capture and Generation

The DTC baby care brand is also able to capture all of the emails from users who complete the quiz but don’t convert immediately and target them with flows and existing retargeting campaigns. Additionally, since their soft metrics on the MSA ads are outperforming their other ads, they’re able to significantly scale this campaign up and acquire new user emails at almost 2x the velocity.

The pool of non-converting users who completed the quiz is a very high quality pool of users and they're able to convert these users at much faster rates than those that come from their internal branded campaigns, which will blend down their CPA even further - making the final CPA closer to just 40-50% of their branded CPA.

Tying The Funnel Together With Third-Party, Content Whitelisting

In addition to running third-party quizzes with MSA, the leading DTC baby brand is whitelisting authentic, third-party content from 10+ content creators. They've been able to drive down their paid social CPAs by over 30% through MSA content, while acquiring higher value, higher context subscribers.

Drive Whitelisting Success With MSA

MSA works with top DTC brands like Prose, Care/of, lululemon Studio, Cometeer, Little Spoon and more, and offers access to an entire pool of high-performing creators for whitelisting and branded content (including third-party quizzes).

Heading into New Year’s, activating your third-party content whitelisting strategy is incredibly important to being able to capitalize and scale against the lower paid social CPMs that come in January and February.

Additionally, MSA allows their partner brands’ growth teams to manage the entire paid media campaign unlike most opportunities in the marketplace today. MSA’s campaigns are scalable, and take minimal work from the brand with packages starting at just $600.