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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How Persona Personalized Vitamin Portion Packs Changed My Life for the Better

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperAug 2, 2022In Partnership With Persona

I recently visited my doctor for an annual check-up. For the first time in my life, my blood work came back with a concerning deficiency. I was low on Vitamin B12, which is important for the circulatory and nervous systems. The doctor recommended taking a multivitamin, but this diagnosis set me off on a wider search for other vitamins and minerals that could boost my overall wellness. There are so many options out there, and I wasn’t really sure what was right for me. I was getting frustrated trying to do all that by myself — then I found Persona.

Persona is completely personalized

I filled out an easy but comprehensive online assessment that allowed Persona to formulate a supplement plan based on my nutritional and lifestyle needs. They offer a very wide range of products, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll have what you need for your wellness journey — whether your concerns are about hair, skin, nails, stress, immunity, mood, digestion, energy, etc.

During the quiz, I answered questions about my environment (do you smoke or live in a house with a smoker, how much do you drink, what’s your exercise level, etc.), my diet, and my personal details. The questionnaire was thorough, but it only took me less than ten minutes to complete. And while it didn’t apply to me, it was a cool feature of the questionnaire that if you’ve had any genetic health testing (e.g. 23 or Me and Ancestry.com), you can utilize the results to further personalize your plan.

Persona caters to different dietary preferences

I’m about 95% vegan (I know — I could be better, but there are just some animal products that I find too hard to give up!), so I appreciated that Persona took that really important aspect of my lifestyle into account. I discovered that people following a vegan diet often have low levels of B12, which we normally get from meat and eggs — there was a good chance that this was the cause, or a least a major contributing factor, to my low level of this essential vitamin.

All Persona vitamins and nutritional supplements are nature-based. Approved and recommended by medical professionals, everything I receive from Persona is made to the highest standards in the United States, so I feel confident about what I’m putting in my body.

Persona makes taking vitamins easy and convenient

To be honest, I’m not great at remembering to take daily supplements. In the past, I’ve started off with the best of intentions, but found it hard to stay on a regimen. The handy portion packs from Persona have been a game changer, making it super easy to take the perfect types of supplements every day.

No longer do I have to worry about running out of one of my supplements and making a last-minute run to the drugstore to restock; I now get them sent to me right when I need them. My shipments include a multivitamin with the B12 that I need, as well as two other supplements that aid my wellbeing. But I can remove items or add in extras whenever I need to change things up.

Persona offers ongoing expert support

Because our health needs evolve, choosing supplements can’t just be a one-and-done. As a Persona subscriber, I get unlimited access to their team of qualified nutritionists. They work with me one-on-one to improve my nutrition for the long term. It’s an amazing, personalized service that means that I’m now on a wellness journey – a lot more valuable than just popping a daily multivitamin.

Persona has board-certified dietitians available to chat with any time I want, ready to answer questions that further personalize my experience. And that makes me want to eat better, consuming more greens and fruits — I mean, I don’t want to tell my dietitian that there are some days I eat cake for breakfast!

Final Thoughts

With my B12 boosted and my other nutritional needs attended to, I’m feeling good. I’m more confident about my wellness journey moving forward … and I feel I have the support I need to choose supplements that will help keep me healthy.