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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How One Daily Bite Changed My Life For The Better

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiOct 15, 2022In Partnership With GEM

Hot take: if you’re not already taking a vitamin to fill nutrient gaps in your everyday diet, then you are way behind the times. Unfortunately, I am way behind the times. I’ve always hated the feeling of taking “a pill” every morning and am always forgetting – it’s hard to build a habit around something that I don’t enjoy doing.

Recently, I came to the conclusion that including a vitamin in my diet is now an essential – I travel for work frequently, have to eat out a lot, and don’t get to cook a lot of my meals, so there are some significant nutrient gaps in my diet. I did a lot of research to find the best vitamins out there and fit my nutrition and diet goals the best and luckily came across Daily GEM Vitamins.

Your Daily Nutrition in One Bite

Basically, GEM crafts their vitamins with real food nutrients into a single, delicious bite. One of their simple bites includes over 15 whole foods sourced vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and probiotics – their bites are bursting with healthy goodness and are actually better than typical multivitamins because they give you the digestive benefit of real food, not the synthetic vitamins you get in pills and gummies.

If you didn’t know already, you should be trying to obtain all your nutrition in its whole food form. Whole food forms offer the nutritional value your body absorbs best, but unfortunately, even the healthiest diets still have nutrient gaps – and that’s where GEM comes in. Their daily bites fill the gaps with all the nutrients your body needs, without any fillers or BS.

I really fell in love with GEM for two reasons: they are delicious, whole (and real) food bites (not standard vitamin pills that make you feel like you are taking pharmaceutical drugs every day), AND because of how GEM helps me feel each and every day.

Feeling the Benefits

Since starting with my Daily GEM bites (it’s been about two months now), I’ve noticed the following health benefits in my everyday life:

  • I genuinely just feel healthier – it’s hard to explain this feeling, but you know how you can just feel healthy and well nourished? That’s how GEM helps me feel each day after taking my bite.
  • I’ve noticed I have a lot more energy each day. Usually, my mornings are pretty slow and I’m very reliant on my morning cup of coffee to get me going, but luckily, GEM gives me a boost of energy and an uptick in mood. Maybe it’s that healthy feeling their bites give me that gives me a boost of energy, but whatever it is, I’m loving this renewed sense of energy and excitement each morning.
  • I feel like I'm digesting my meals a lot more effectively. I used to experience a lot of bloating and indigestion and since starting with GEM, I’ve noticed those symptoms subside.

Staying Consistent

I also have to say that sticking with GEM every day isn’t even a challenge for me – sticking with swallowing a pill each morning, yep, that’s a hefty challenge. But a nutritious, healthy, real food bite? Easy! After all, it’s really easy to build a habit around enjoying a yummy, real food bite each morning.

GEM also makes the ordering and selection process incredibly seamless too. They offer three different flavors of the Daily Essentials Bites: Lemon Raspberry, Citrus Ginger, or Cacao (I chose Lemon Raspberry, of course). I also really enjoy how GEM offers you a free travel case for your vitamins so you don’t have to haul around your entire supply with you when you travel (big plus for me).

Final Thoughts

Another plus is that they deliver it to you monthly, so you never have to worry about running out at the wrong time or forgetting to order each month. I highly recommend giving GEM’s Bites a try!

If you’re interested in trying out GEM’s Daily Essentials Bites, use our special link here to save 50% off your first month (and thank me later after you’re feeling like your best self day after day).

Lauren Nowicki
Lauren Nowicki

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