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How I’m Cooking Cleaner and Better in the New Year

Rachel Scheck
ByRachel ScheckDec 23, 2022In partnership with Caraway

The holiday season filled with festivities and delicious indulgences is always such a treat, but afterward, I tend to feel a bit sluggish and only feel like myself again when I get back to clean eating. This year it’s going to be easier than ever to get back on track because I received one of the best holiday gifts ever: a new set of Caraway’s non-stick, non-toxic cookware!

This whole set is sleek and so beautiful it inspires me to toss on my apron. It’s definitely pretty enough to serve out of, and it comes with trivets for serving as well. Plus, it easily goes from the stovetop or oven to the table, which means less dishes! All of these might seem like small details, but Caraway’s attention to detail is really what sets them apart. Here’s what else I love about my new cookware:

Clean cooking starts with cleaner cookware

One of my favorite things about Caraway is the ceramic non-stick and non-toxic cooking surface. As a cancer survivor, I do not want to be exposed to any more toxins, so I’m very conscious of both the food I eat and the cookware I use to prepare it. Caraway’s non-toxic cookware is free of potentially harmful chemicals and metals like PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium, so I can eat in peace knowing that my cookware isn’t leaching toxins into my food.

Think about it like this: what’s the point of buying organic vegetables and free-range, locally-sourced eggs and meat if you’re just going to “ruin” them with questionable pans?

Healthy veggies cooked in less fat

I love sautéing a pile of vegetables to put in a wrap or add to a soup. Ginger chicken soup is taken to a whole new level by adding a quick veggie stir fry. A dash of sesame oil, low-sodium soy sauce, and some mirin elevate the vegetables without adding too many unwanted calories…that is, with the right cookware.

See, my old “non-stick” pans started sticking so much after a few months that I needed to use tablespoons of oil if I wanted to salvage anything—and while I do love a decadent dish every now and then, I like to be able to choose when and where I go heavy-handed with the healthy fats. Caraway’s seriously non-stick pans give me that freedom. I can sauté, crisp, and cook up anything without excess butter or oil—making it simple to prepare delicious and healthy meals for my family.

Cleaning up and storage is easy

I always cook a range of options as a mom of three children with a very picky husband. Every meal requires a minimum of 2-3 pots or pans. With Caraway, this seems less daunting because the cleanup is so quick and easy. I don’t have to soak anything overnight and wake up to a mess. I just wash them out with a little dish soap, warm water, and my favorite gentle dish brush.

Just as convenient is that the set comes with magnetic storage containers that I can place next to my sink to use as a temporary drying rack. If I know I’m making something for breakfast that requires the pans, I leave them out in the storage containers next to the stove so they are ready to go in the morning. They are like an invitation to cook!

The takeaway

As a mom, yoga teacher, and cancer survivor, I have always put a lot of thought and care into what I cook for myself and my family. And with Caraway, I feel like I have the tools to really elevate my cooking this year. I love my new stylish, functional, and most importantly awesome cookware!