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My Subscription Addiction

How I’m Avoiding Home Hair Dye Disasters with This At-Home Hair Color

Bianca Liguori
ByBianca LiguoriSep 7, 2022In Partnership With Madison Reed

Long story short…I used to have bleached hair. For years, my hair was blonde balayage from roots to ends until I decided to let it grow out and wanted to dye it back to my natural color—dark brown. I ended up going to the drugstore and buying a hair dye that was recommended by one of the employees, found what I thought was the right color, and went on my way.

Let’s just say it did NOT meet my expectations. Everything was going fine until I rinsed the color out…and my hair was basically black! Which was NOT the color on the box. Thankfully, the color was not that good or long-lasting, and it faded—quickly. Honestly, too quickly for something that was supposed to be permanent (but again, I did not want black hair, so I guess this was a blessing). Not long after, you could see parts of my old blonde hair color peeking through…and looking brassy, a reddish-orange brown. It was uneven, dry, and not at all what I wanted.

But thankfully, soon after, I found Madison Reed!

Finding My Perfect Match

I wanted to go back to my natural color—dark brown—without going too dark, and without spending hundreds of dollars at the hair salon. In my second attempt to get my hair back to my natural brown color, I found my perfect hair color match on the Madison Reed website using their hair color quiz. The quiz was very simple and quick and gave me the recommended shade for my #hairgoals. Let me give a spoiler now and say that the color matching quiz was spot-on. (Yes!)

I received my Radiant Hair Color kit in the mail quickly—hooray for the convenience of hair color delivered to my door. Next, I was ready to start the process of dyeing my hair at home. The kit came with everything I needed: exact measurements of the cream color and color activator, barrier cream, cleansing wipe, gloves, and shampoo and conditioner for washing it out! Plus, there were user-friendly instructions that also included different tips to get the exact results you’re looking for.

My Madison Reed Experience

The process of coloring my hair at home with Madison Reed was so easy that I actually enjoyed doing it. I also feel obligated to mention that this product does not have a strong chemical SMELL like other at-home hair dyes do. I was able to apply it and let it sit for 35 minutes without my nostrils burning and begging for fresh air. That was a huge bonus for me.

The color rinsed out easily and I am IN LOVE with the results. This is the exact color I was looking for—a rich, dark, even brown! My hair also feels so soft and smooth, looks amazing when it is styled or un-styled, and does not feel damaged like it did in the past when I dyed my hair. My experience was amazing, and so are my results…I am so happy I found Madison Reed!