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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Went From Being Frenemies to Friends With My Bathroom Scale

Megha Fernandes
ByMegha FernandesJan 3, 2023In Partnership With WeightWatchers

Like many people, I had a complicated relationship with weighing myself. And by complicated, I mean I dreaded it. Before starting WeightWatchers, my scale was like the villain in a scary movie, always lurking in the corner, almost taunting me. I tried avoiding eye contact at all costs and pretended like it didn’t exist. I knew that taking the next step meant stepping on the scale, but it still felt daunting.

Enter the WeightWatchers scale, which changed everything.

Did you know that it’s proven that people who track their weight frequently actually lose more weight? I can attest that even though it started as a burden, the weekly check-in made a huge difference in understanding where I was in my journey. Here’s why:

I lost 50+ pounds with the WeightWatchers scale

Just by looking at it, the WeightWatchers scale may look like any other scale (except that this one is sleek and shiny and matches PERFECTLY with my bathroom aesthetic). But it couldn’t be more different. How can a seemingly identical product change my outlook on weighing myself? Glad you asked.

This scale doesn’t just output a number but gives me so much valuable information about my health to help me on my journey. It provides a full body analysis to tell me more than just my current weight but also body water, bone mass, and muscle mass! I’ve never had a scale that can do so much.

Syncing the scale with the WW app is seamless

But my favorite part is that this is the ONLY scale that syncs with the WeightWatchers app. The WW app is pretty much my favorite and most frequently used app on my phone. There are so many features I love about it, including the barcode scanner for when I’m at the grocery store, the water tracker, and the weight tracker to give me a real visual of my progress throughout my journey. Having the app sync with my scale has made my weekly check-ins so seamless with nothing additional for me to record. Syncing the scale with my app gives me one more data point in my journey.

Setting goals makes me more accountable

Setting my goal weight at the start of my journey and watching the numbers on the scale get closer and closer to that goal created a wave of excitement through me at every check-in day. Even on the weeks when the number was higher than the week before (either because of normal fluctuations, after a holiday, a long trip, or a big weekend), I knew that tracking my weight was an integral part of my journey.

Even though health is about way more than the number on the scale, that number, plus all of the other information you can get from the WeightWatchers scale, provides you with a way to see the progress you’ve already accomplished, the data you need to determine what’s next, and a way for you to understand your body even better to create a lasting change.

The takeaway

Putting on a dress that I shoved in the back of the closet and having the zipper go all the way to the top. Walking up the metro escalator when it’s broken and not feeling completely out of breath. Looking in the mirror and feeling excited and proud of how far I’ve come. These are all examples of some of my favorite NSVs, or non-scale victories.

But throughout my WeightWatchers journey of losing more than 50 pounds, I had some exciting victories on the scale as well. I now proudly display my WeightWatchers scale in my bathroom because, instead of being the villain in my story, it’s been such a huge part of my WeightWatchers journey.