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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Use This Meal Plan to Support My CrossFit Workouts & Fitness Goals

Shelby Tuttle
ByShelby TuttleNov 29, 2022In partnership with Trifecta

I’m an avid CrossFitter, and I work out 5-6 times a week. Though I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, I’m noticing my nutrition isn’t meeting the standard that is required for someone burning at least 500 calories per session!

I’m constantly pushing boundaries and I plan on ramping up my performance, so I know I need to find a more effective way to fuel my body. Enter Trifecta, the meal plan promising to maximize my workouts and help me feel my best. Read more to find out if Trifecta delivered.

Setting my new bar…

As a CrossFit athlete, I’m doing super high-intensity workouts. Currently, in my training, I’m trying to increase my capacity for higher-level gymnastic movements like butterfly pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, and bar muscle-ups.

Nutrition is super essential when it comes to maximizing output with such an intense, calorie-torching workout regimen, because you need all the fuel you can get to perform at your max! How am I going to compete at my highest level if my body can’t keep up?

It’s time to step aside, protein shakes: whole foods like lean proteins, veggies, nuts/seeds, some fruit, healthy carbs, and no added sugar is what’s on the menu for me–and with such specific dietary needs, I couldn’t do it alone.

Discovering a new nutritional plan…

Something I love is that Trifecta meals are scientifically designed to support your highest level of exercise and improve body composition. I found out about this through Trifecta’s Macro Calculator, and then took them up on the complimentary 1:1 session with a Trifecta nutrition coach to get it just right. My coach’s advice was super helpful, and now, I can dial in my carb/fat intake while maximizing my nutrients in the best possible way for me, to help me become a better, faster athlete.

Before & After

I no longer feel I’m hitting a wall during CrossFit workouts because my nutrition needs are met. Among the changes I’ve noticed, I definitely have more energy, I’m overall more satisfied (goodbye, hunger!) after meals, and Trifecta is way more convenient than having to plan and cook myself–I can focus on getting my workouts in instead of spending time in the kitchen!

Best of all, Trifecta’s options are tasty with quality ingredients. Nobody wants to eat food that doesn’t taste good, regardless of whether it’s great for you or not!

From filling breakfasts like the Egg Scramble with Sausage and Potato to classic meals like Salmon, Sweet Potato, and Mixed Vegetables, I’m staying full and healthy in a delicious way. My favorite meal was the shrimp, cajun sausage, and rice bowl – I could eat it every day!

Also, with Trifecta’s app, you can track your macros, calories, workouts, and everything else to get the most out of your Trifecta experience. I love this feature of a meal plan, because it really helps me stay on track.

To Wrap Up

Trifecta has 100%, without a doubt been the secret to maximizing my workouts. I’m always looking forward to my Trifecta meals, and the meal tracking plus the 1:1 nutrition coach consultation was the cherry on top.

I can now lean into intense cardio and muscle-building workouts more than I could before, and I’m not struggling to find time to grocery shop and meal prep. Need a healthy, sustainable, and delicious way to meet your fitness goals? Trifecta is the answer you’ve been looking for.