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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Stay Fit and Motivated From Anywhere and Everywhere

Rachel Chapnick
ByRachel ChapnickOct 4, 2022In Partnership With lululemon Studio

Growing up, I always played sports. Basketball, volleyball, and swimming were as much a part of my life as eating and drinking. I was constantly active until college when an injury forced me off my feet. After school, despite gaining some seriously unhealthy habits, I managed to keep myself in relatively decent shape. Then the pandemic hit.

I gained 30 pounds in three months, then spent the next year shedding that extra weight in an attempt to reclaim my lost athleticism. I was feeling great about my fitness journey until I moved to Florida for a new job. The position required heavy travel and I knew I needed to find a way to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cue lululemon Studio.

A friend told me about lululemon Studio’s free 30-day app trial, which allows you to try out the workouts on your phone, tablet, or TV before purchasing The Mirror itself. During the 30 days, you get free, unlimited access to 10,000+ workouts across 50+ categories like cardio, strength, yoga, dance, boxing, and barre. It was perfect for my heavy travel schedule; I was able to work out from my hotel room before or after a long day of work. By the time the free trial ended, I was hooked and purchased a lululemon Studio Mirror for my apartment.

I found the dashboard personalization features to be on par with that of other high-end fitness apps, and lululemon Studio’s on-demand offerings were much more extensive than other home gyms I looked at. Plus, lululemon Studio allows you to choose the fitness level, class duration, and equipment needed for each class. One of my pet peeves is having to abandon a workout because the trainer or app neglected to mention the necessary equipment. On the road, I can’t bring any weights so being able to choose a class that doesn’t require equipment is incredibly advantageous and minimizes wasted time.

Ultimately, however, lululemon Studio’s attention to form sealed the deal. As a former collegiate athlete with an injury history, I am a form fanatic. If directions for an exercise are unclear, I sit out part of the workout rather than risk doing it wrong and injuring myself.

With the lululemon Studio Mirror, I’ve never had to sit out anything. The trainers explain and demonstrate each move of the class, whether it be Dance, Kickboxing, or Yoga, so you know the correct form for each exercise. The blanked-out background ensures that I can see exactly what the trainers are saying without any distractions. Furthermore, the app gives me the ability to control the volume ratio of music to spoken instruction.

All in all, the lululemon Studio Mirror is perfect for a constant traveler like me. It provides the flexibility to work out on my actual lululemon Studio Mirror while at home and access to the same workouts on the road. It’s now easier than ever to stay on top of my fitness goal as lululemon Studio has been a true gamechanger.

Disclaimer: Full price last offered 10/4/22. $700 off plus free delivery (off $1,495 price). 20% off classes at participating US partner studio locations.

Rachel Chapnick
Rachel Chapnick

I am a dichotomy. On one hand I'm a fashion-loving, book-toting corporate executive, on the other I'm a rugged outdoorswoman confident in her ability to outfish Hemmingway (and do so far more stylishly).  Sometimes my perfect day is curling up in front of flowers and scented candles with a good book, and sometimes it is SCUBA diving shipwrecks. I believe there is a perfect outfit for all occasions and no day is complete without a cup of coffee.