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My Subscription Addiction

How I Lost 68 Pounds Without A Restrictive Diet

Tuesday Gray
ByTuesday GrayOct 10, 2022In Partnership With WeightWatchers

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know how utterly frustrating it can be. There are so many fads, diets, and products all over social media claiming to be the best way to lose weight, and navigating all that noise can be incredibly overwhelming and disheartening. Most of these require a total overhaul of your daily life, including restrictive diets, obsessive calorie counting, and expensive supplements.

Personally, I had zero interest in a restrictive diet. Who wants to live life without the occasional sweet treat or charcuterie board at a girls’ brunch? Not me. So, as someone who has tried an almost obscene amount of weight loss fads, here is what actually, finally, worked for me.

WeightWatchers made changing my habits easy

Firstly, I decided my WeightWatchers journey wasn’t going to be a “diet.” I wanted to make real-life changes and shift how I approached food. There can be a lot of shame when it comes to “dieting,” but changing habits for your health? That’s something anyone can be proud of.

WeightWatchers helps you make those little changes that add up to big results. The more I used my WW app and tracked my Points, the easier it was to see when and why I was eating. WW’s Points system takes a food’s nutritional information and turns it into a single number. You have a specific number of Points allotted to you each day, and as long as you stay within your Points balance, you’re on track to reach your goals. The simple mental switch of exchanging food for easy-to-look-up Points made a lot more sense in my head than trying to calculate calories, macros, etc. and it made me a more mindful eater.

WeightWatchers helps me focus on my overall health, not just the scale

One thing diet culture has always missed is an emphasis on overall wellness–in this culture, it’s all about the scale, and not much else. I have been medically obese most of my life. My “rock bottom” was probably when I gained over 40 lbs while pregnant and discovered I had debilitating gallstones and gallbladder disease.

I didn’t just need to lose weight to look cute at the beach. I needed to lose weight to live a pain-free life that I could enjoy with my husband and our kids. In addition to shifting my feelings about food overall, WeightWatchers was the push I needed to get more physical. I signed up for an exercise class, which eventually led me to also embrace strength training.

WeightWatchers helped me lose 68 pounds

This is really what you clicked on this article to read, right? How much weight have I lost on Weight Watchers? For background, at 24, I weighed 256 pounds–and I felt awful. Thankfully, I have lost 68 pounds with the support of WeightWatchers.

To be clear, I didn’t just sign up and wake up thinner the next day. But WeightWatchers set me up for success by providing something other plans don’t: a supportive community, an easy-to-use, science-backed Point system, workshops, and a coach to help you on your journey. For me, this wasn’t just a fad or temporary obsession. I changed my life to be healthier–and you can, too!

WeightWatchers just works for my life

I have two beautiful daughters and I am now a healthy example to them. They will grow up with a positive view of food as fuel!

WeightWatchers enables me to enjoy the things I love. For example, my family adores Disney. We go to the parks quite often (I am a Magic Key holder!) and if you have ever been to Disney, you know about the amazing food around every corner. And you know what? With WW I am still able to enjoy those foods–no foods are off limits!

Though enjoying Disney is just one example, I can say confidently that my WW journey has never left me feeling deprived. It has provided me with a plan to live my best healthy life while letting me fully enjoy it. This reliable weight loss program is one that I can happily recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight while still enjoying a completely fulfilling life.