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My Subscription Addiction

How I Kissed Acne Goodbye In Just Three Minutes a Day

Cleia Miller
ByCleia MillerJan 3, 2023In Partnership With Solawave

Acne is the bane of my existence. It ruins an otherwise good makeup day and I get self-conscious when an unwelcome pimple emerges on my chin. I have struggled with acne for so long and I was hoping to find something to solve this lifelong struggle, improve skin texture, and prevent further breakouts.

When I was a teen I used all sorts of harsh acne cleansers and facial scrubs to combat acne and keep sebum production in check. My friends and I have tried so many things over the years, so when so when I discovered the SolaWave Bye Acne 3 Minute Light Therapy Treatment, I knew it was time to try it out!

How Does Light Therapy Work?

I didn't know it existed until recently, but light therapy treatment is a real thing! The Bye Acne 3 Minute Light Therapy Treatment uses clinically proven and FDA-approved blue and red light therapies to help treat and target mild to moderate acne.

The 415 nm blue light kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin and helps to reduce excess sebum production. The 630 nm red light penetrates even deeper into the skin than the blue light and targets redness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.

Don’t worry, there is no UV light used in this device so it's completely safe to use on skin.

How I Use the Device

Bye Acne is such a worthwhile addition to my daily routine! It's super easy to use. After I wash my face in the morning I hold the device over the area I want to treat for three minutes. It will beep three times and then shut off when the treatment is over. I can then go on with the rest of my skincare routine. The light feels warm on the skin but the treatment is absolutely painless. No painful laser treatments for me, please!

After each treatment I can still apply my skincare routine. I've had zero irritation from the device and no issues applying my vitamin C and retinol serums afterwards.

Does it Work?

SolaWave promises an improvement in the appearance of acne with just three Bye Acne treatments, using one treatment per day. I tested the device for the advised amount of time to see if there was a noticeable improvement in my skin.

My skin is dry but I do get acne every once in a while—and when I do, it takes a long time to go away. At the time of testing the device I had a newly irritated cystic pimple emerging on my jawline which was perfect for testing purposes, despite how annoying a new pimple is!

With any skincare product, device, treatment, etc it takes time to see results. It's important to stay the course so it wasn't surprising that I didn't notice a change after only one treatment. In the evening after my second treatment I did notice that the pimple was actually a lot less red and the bump appeared smaller! It definitely wasn't as noticeable as it was the previous day. Usually a pimple like this persists for at least a week and a half for me, so the fact that the Bye Acne fast-tracked the healing process in a day was impressive. I also tried out a couple treatments on the pores around my nose and on my chin. I noticed less redness around my nose and improved texture. The results weren’t instantaneous but I do think this device made a difference!

It’s important to note that SolaWave created this device to treat mild to moderate acne. This is a spot treatment, not an all-over solution. SolaWave has another device, a blue light therapy device, which works to help clear acne-prone skin over time. I recommend that as a good solution for people who have generally acne-prone skin.

Bye Acne: My Takeaway

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and painless way to spot treat your acne, I’d definitely recommend checking out the SolaWave Bye Acne device. With their 30-day return policy, there's literally no risk and you'll see after one or two uses just how effective it becomes for your skin!