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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Got My Curly Hair to Work With Me, Not Against Me

lauren Way
Bylauren WayMay 31, 2023

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Anyone who has curly hair knows that each wash day can yield very different results. Not only that, but not all products cater to what our curls need. Despite years of trying to perfect my haircare routine by diffusing or air drying, my hair always felt like it needed a boost of moisture. I also noticed a lot of breakage whenever I untangled my hair in the shower, even when it was drenched in conditioner.

So when I saw that Prose would create haircare products customized for my 3C hair, I knew I had to see if it could bring my curls back to life (and save me from going for The Big Chop). Here’s how Prose helped me finally get my curls to work with me, instead of against me.

Thorough personalization

Prose starts with an online consultation that covers your current hair issues and goals, details about your routine, and so much more — like your exercise habits, diet, and lots of other things that impact your hair. Once you’re done filling it out, Prose suggests a haircare routine composed entirely of personalized products.

In my case, Prose recommended a shampoo made for cleansing, hydrating, and clarifying. My conditioner was also specifically formulated to give me more volume and shine. For styling, I received a leave-in conditioner that doubles as a heat-protectant, a curl cream to enhance my curl shape, a hair oil, and Custom Root Source™ supplements to help encourage new hair growth and balance out my scalp.

With my fully customized routine, I was able to address the health of my hair from root to tip, in the shower and beyond. I discovered that I can use my Custom Curl Cream throughout the week to refresh my style: all I needed to do was wet my hair a bit, brush it out, and use some of the curl cream to bring them back to life.

Fast results

When you’re rehabilitating your curls, it often takes some time to see the results. Well, that certainly was not the case with Prose. From the very first wash, my hair was noticeably shinier, stronger, more hydrated—and of course, it smelled amazing. I also noticed that the products never felt heavy, so my curls weren’t weighed down and stringy-looking. Prose brought my lackluster and dry hair back to life without having to go to the salon to chop it off and start all over again.

Free of harsh ingredients

Making sure my products were as clean as possible was one of my top priorities. Prose not only makes sure that their products are sulfate- and alcohol-free, but they are also very open about the ingredients they include in all of their products. You can choose to add a fragrance to your products, or if you’d like, you can also leave them all fragrance-free.

My verdict

Because the entire Prose system was created specifically for my hair and problem areas, the results completely won me over! I adore how these products are customized all the way down to my name printed on the bottle. I hardly ever come across products that don’t cause my curls to dry out, so I was pleasantly surprised that my hair was hydrated from the moment I stepped out of the shower. I highly recommend you try out Prose for your best hair ever — once you’ve tried Prose’s custom formulas, you’ll never go back.