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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How I Got Hooked on lululemon Studio and Found Unexpected Bonding Time with My Daughter

Papa Levere
ByPapa LevereOct 4, 2022In partnership with lululemon Studio

I never thought I’d be writing about my experience using a state-of-the-art home gym. While my daughter and wife are always up on the latest fitness trends and newest studios, I do my own thing. It’s a fairly basic routine of strength exercises with the equipment I’ve had forever and some elliptical or StairMaster mixed in for cardio. I liked it simple, as you can tell, but that all changed during a recent two-week trip to Africa with my daughter.

There were no gyms at the hotel and my fitness options were limited. My daughter, on the other hand, was having no problem working out. She used the lululemon Studio App every day through the app on her phone and took a variety of classes, 45 minutes of cardio one day, 30 minutes of boxing another, and a 15-minute yoga session before bed each night. I was jealous and asked if I could join her for a workout.

To start, I was impressed by the amount and variety of classes. There were 10,000+ workouts in strength, Pilates, yoga, meditation, barre, kickboxing, stretch, and many more. Each workout ranged in duration from 5 to 60 minutes and from beginner to expert level,  Plus, we were able to filter for classes that only used the equipment we had available (pretty much nothing). We ended up picking a 30-minute bodyweight strength, which we streamed on her iPad.

The class was great. I liked how I could see all the moves ahead of time and pick a class I was interested in. As someone in their 60s with a bit of an injury history, it’s nice to see the entire list of exercises in the workout before it begins, I was surprised that I worked up a sweat so quickly without using any equipment. I have not done a lot of group fitness, but I found the instructor welcoming and motivating without being too over the top.

We ended up doing lululemon studio workouts every day for the rest of our trip, and it definitely helped us strengthen our bond. We’re back home now and my daughter has already invited me to come to her apartment for a workout on the actual Mirror. While this is something I may have balked at before, I have to say I am excited to try.


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