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My Subscription Addiction

How I Finally Lost 95 Pounds After So Many Diet Fails

Stacy Medlock
ByStacy MedlockOct 12, 2022In partnership with WeightWatchers

Dieting is such a sensitive thing. How many of us had moms who were constantly dieting or celebrity role models with these perfect figures bombarding us on literally every screen? It is a culture that makes you feel awful about yourself and I personally spent a lot of time feeling really frustrated in not being able to find the right fit for me. And with so many different fads and routines to pick from? Well, it is bewildering. In my quest to find something simpler (and more sustainable!) I have tried a lot of different “magic diets, but the thing that’s worked best for me is WeightWatchers. Want to learn from my experience? Read on.

What Didn’t Work for Me and Why

The first thing I learned that would never work for me in terms of diets and weight loss was anything restrictive. I have tried no-carb diets, sugar-free diets, vegan plans, and fasting for hours on end. The only results I had from broadly restrictive diets were minimal weight loss and lots of crabbiness. I knew that at my heaviest, I was overindulging in food. But was cutting out broad food groups really the answer to losing weight? No. Sure, I was willing to eat less and even focus on foods that were nutritionally rich for my body, but I really wanted a cupcake or a small bowl of ice cream on the weekends without feeling like I was ruining all of my plans and hard work. WeightWatchers fits my lifestyle because there are no restrictions and I don’t have to deprive myself of anything.

The second big no-no for me? Obsessive calorie counting. I have always hated calorie counting. I know other people that have had success with counting calories but I found it to be overwhelming and confusing which didn't lead to success. And who wants those sorts of feelings when you are working hard to feel better about yourself? Even worse? Realizing that these fad diets that made you feel so terrible while you were on them resulted in very little change. With WeightWatchers, I don’t have to track calories or every little thing I eat - it’s so freeing.

What Finally Did Work For Me: WeightWatchers

WW was the plan that actually worked for me, and here is why…

I no longer found myself yo-yo dieting - instead, I used WW’s easy-to-use Point system, which eliminated that up-and-down diet effect. The Point system takes into account a food’s nutritional info and turns it into a single number. This is a much easier system to track and the WW app makes it even easier. You can literally scan in barcodes and the app will calculate the number of Points of your daily meals and snacks. I use the WW app while grocery shopping for this exact purpose. Even better? On the app, you can save your favorites for the next time you enjoy them. The WW app breaks down the nutritional information of everything I scan into easy-to-understand bits of info that I can then turn into meal plans that keep me full and on track.

The WW app doesn’t just help you break down food’s nutritional info, it also has meal plans, recipes, a water and exercise tracker, a restaurant database, access to a coach 24/7, and more. It is like putting total control over your weight loss routine in the palm of your hand.

These tools have helped me lose almost 100 lbs and maintain my goal weight. And even better than seeing that number I worked so hard for on the scale? The sense of empowerment that I have over my health. I am recognizing foods that made me feel good and choosing those more and more often, while still having room for girls’ brunch or a sweet treat at the end of a hard day.

The WW app has become a tool that fits into my life seamlessly and one that I enjoy using daily. WeightWatchers isn’t just a diet you can do for a week until you feel better in your new swimsuit - it is a routine that enhances your life daily and gives you control over your health and weight loss goals. And for me, it has been the tool I needed to get into the best shape of my life.