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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How Caraway Turned Me From a Kitchen Noob Into a Confident Chef

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereAug 30, 2022In partnership with Caraway

I have a theory that the ability to cook skips generations. My great-grandparents (so I’ve heard) were great cooks. My grandma, on the other hand…well, let’s just say I love her despite her cooking abilities. My parents are both great in the kitchen, but honestly, cooking has never been a top priority for me between work, exercise, and seeing friends. That all changed when I started using Caraway.

I have joked to a few of my friends that my Instagram feed is sponsored by Caraway because of how many of their ads I’ve gotten. The cookware is beautiful and has amazing reviews, but as someone who has always felt uncoordinated in the kitchen, I wasn’t sure it was worth it for me. But, recently I’ve been trying to cut back on delivery, and after a friend who has a set told me they actually cook more because of it, I decided to make the investment. Not to mention, they have a 30-day guarantee, so I figured it was worth a shot…

I’m excited to say that Caraway 100% lives up to the hype and has actually inspired me to cook more. Here’s how:

The Non-Stick Surface Encourages Me to Try New Things

My least favorite thing about cooking before Caraway was that no matter how much butter or oil I used in my “non-stick” pans, the food would always stick. I have yet to have this problem with Caraway after many uses. Because I don’t have to worry about my food sticking and being a pain to clean, it has made me more adventurous to try cooking new dishes. One of my favorite new dishes to make is shrimp teriyaki with brown rice and stir fry vegetables. Another perk is that because I only need to cook with the tiniest amount of oil, my food is much healthier too.

Clean-Up Is Super Easy

Did I mention that I love that these pans are non-stick? They make clean-up SO easy. I love the Instagram meme that cooking involves 1 hour to make the meal, 10 minutes to eat it, and 13 years to clean up. I have always dreaded cooking for this exact reason. However, Caraway’s signature non-stick surface makes clean-up a breeze. And even if I spill something I’m cooking on the side of the pan, I know it will rinse off super easily. These pans have seriously cut my clean-up time in half.

Useful Tips Help Me Cook With Confidence

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I honestly didn’t know that heating non-stick pans above a certain temperature on the stove or rinsing them off before they have completely cooled can damage the non-stick surface. My Caraway pots came with an instruction manual with these tips and tricks, and I just feel smarter now when I cook. I also love that these pans can be used both in the oven and on different stove types - as someone who lives in a rental apartment in NYC, I have no idea what my future kitchen will hold, but I know I can bring these with me anywhere.

An Organized Kitchen Keeps Things Within Reach

As I mentioned, I live in a New York City apartment, so cabinet space is at a premium. Luckily, Caraway includes a pan and lid storage solution with every cookware set (including hooks to hang the lid holder). Not only does the vertical storage protect the pans from getting damaged, but it also keeps everything looking neat and organized which is super important to me. Being able to see and quickly grab the pan I need is such a simple thing but it really keeps me motivated to cook. Plus, I’m actually saving space, so I can have more room now to store cooking ingredients!

I Look Forward to Cooking Now

I used to dread cooking and would always make the most simple thing I could think of. With Caraway, I actually look forward to trying new recipes because I know there’s a higher likelihood they’ll come out perfectly (and be easier to clean up). Plus, the beautiful marigold pots add fun and joy to my kitchen.

I was a big baker growing up (I have a HUGE sweet tooth), and I’m excited to buy the Caraway bakeware next and start baking again!

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