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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

How and Why I Left Mommy Wine Culture Behind

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenOct 21, 2022In partnership with Monument

I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but over time, my kid's playdates started to revolve around drinking wine with the parents of my kid’s friends. At first, I thought it was fun and even a little bit cute when my friend's kid referred to us as drinking our "mom juice." Then, I started to realize that there was something more going on here.

Slowly playdates turned into wine dates, and before I knew it, I was expected to drink wine every time I got together with my friends. If I didn't, I felt like I was missing out on something or that I wasn't being a “cool mom.”

I tried to keep up for a while, but eventually, I realized that this was not the kind of culture I wanted to be a part of. I didn't like the pressure to drink, and I didn't like how wine had become such a central part of my social life. I also didn't like how it made me feel the following day.

So, I made the decision to leave mommy wine culture behind with the help of Monument. Monument’s support groups have helped me say no to wine, connect with other women looking to get freedom from alcohol, and most importantly, feel better than ever.

Online Support Groups

I've found that there are so many other moms out there who feel the same way I do about drinking, and I'm not alone in wanting to find a different way to socialize. Monument’s free, therapist-moderated support groups are designed to help keep me in line with my goals: members can share their experiences, support one another, and come up with some social alternatives to wine-centric kids' events.

It's Confidential and Anonymous

With Monument, I'm able to chat with other moms who are also looking to cut back on wine while still remaining anonymous. This can be a huge help, because I don't have to worry about anyone judging me or knowing that I'm struggling. I can be open and honest about how I'm feeling without worrying about who might see it–it’s a way to get my feelings out in the open, criticism-free. If you'd like to connect with a therapist and receive your own personalized treatment plan (including prescription drug options, if that's a good fit for you), that's an option, too.

It's Convenient

I'm a busy mom and I don't have a lot of free time, so I love that I can access Monument from my phone. I'm able to talk to connect with my new support network on the go, in case I find myself in a situation where my resolve is waning. One of my favorite parts has been brainstorming some wine alternatives I can enjoy with my friends without actually drinking alcohol.

For those who choose to use Monument's additional services like therapy and physician care, that's available virtually as well. For some, talking to a therapist can be a huge help and the plan aims to help you identify your triggers but also come up with some ideas for how to deal with them.

It’s Based in Science

Monument’s blend of clinician-led therapy sessions and optional medication creates a program that is customizable and effective. Unlike traditional treatment programs, Monument’s clinician-led therapy is uniquely positioned to support your individual journey: you can work with a therapist and physician who will help you manage your thoughts about alcohol, build better habits, and improve your mental well-being.

Similarly, Monument members can speak to a licensed physician to find out if FDA-approved prescription medication is the best course of action (Like medication to help curb alcohol cravings). If that’s right for you, medication will be shipped directly to your home, and you can meet with a physician at any time to review your journey.

Straightforward Pricing

Plans start at $9.99 plus an initial onboarding fee, and there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts with Monument. You can start and stop your membership at any time. Memberships are billed monthly, so there aren’t any surprise charges. If you'd like to start by trying out the support groups that have been so helpful for me, you don't even have to pay a dime. Access to the community is free.

Time to Ditch “Mommy Wine Culture”

Leaving mommy wine culture behind has been a challenge, but it's definitely been worth it. I'm feeling better than ever, and I'm glad that I made the decision to seek help. If you're struggling with mom wine culture or want to cut back on drinking, I encourage you to check out Monument.