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Honeylove vs. SKIMS vs. Spanx: Which Shapewear Is Best for Wedding Season?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereAug 16, 2022Sponsored

Wedding season is back, baby! And, apparently, it’s the biggest year for weddings ever. I myself have four weddings this year, but have talked to friends who have up to nine - nine! - weddings this calendar year.

As I dusted off my formal dresses after two years of not having anywhere to go, they were a bit more snug than I remembered. I thought I’d buy some shapewear to help look my best, but got a bit overwhelmed by how many options there are. Eventually, I decided to try three brands that stood out to me: Spanx (which I know from my mom), Skims (which I know from the Kardashians), and Honeylove (which I know from a display at Nordstrom). I tried them all on and shared my recommendations below.

The contenders:

  • Honeylove Superpower Short
  • SKIMs Sculpt Low Back Short
  • Spanx OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

If you want strong compression: Honeylove

Wow… Honeylove will Hold. You. In.

I was so impressed with how much my stomach, back, and legs felt supported in Honeylove’s SuperPower Short. It’s weird to say I have a ‘favorite part’ of shapewear, but I love the targeted compression around your tummy, which manifests as a super sexy “X” in the front. It’s incredibly supportive without being suffocating. I couldn’t even blow my stomach out if I wanted to, so no more worrying about post-dinner bloat.

If you want shapewear that is comfortable: Honeylove

You would think that shapewear that is super compressive would be uncomfortable… not Honeylove! I swear the more I walked around in this shapewear, the more I forgot I had it on. The SuperPower Short passed all the tests - sitting down and dancing had no pinching, digging, or rolling down. And - the feature that really blew me away - there’s an opening for easy bathroom breaks! Not having to completely undress each time I needed to hit the restroom is a mental comfort that can’t be overlooked.

If you want Versatility: Spanx

If you’re looking at pure versatility of shapes, colors, and compression, Spanx is the place to go. Not only do you have a variety of shapewear shapes, like briefs, shorts, thongs, and bodysuits, but they also have 3 tiers of compression. If you have a plunging neckline or back, Spanx probably has a cut that will fit your needs.

If you want a lower price: SKIMS

If your wallet is the only thing on your mind, Skims is a good option. Their shapewear is about half the cost of Honeylove and Spanx.

That being said, I will say I think my cost per wear will be lower with Spanx or Honeylove given the quality of their garments. I could see myself wearing Spanx for a few events, while I could see myself keeping something like the Honeylove SuperPower Short for many events and seasons to come.

Verdict: Honeylove comes out on top

While the three shapewear brands accomplish different goals, I found myself continuing to gravitate towards Honeylove. This sexy shapewear was the most comfortable and supportive, and while it’s a bit of an investment I can tell it’s something I’ll be able to wear again and again. Ladies, if you’re looking for shapewear to help you tackle weddings and other events this season, Honeylove is my recommendation!

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