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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Holiday Hacks: Saving Time and Money with Madison Reed Hair Color

Lindsey Morse
ByLindsey MorseNov 15, 2022In Partnership With Madison Reed

Like most of the people I know, I find the holiday season to be… a lot. In addition to my usual overflowing to-do list, the holidays bring houseguests, complicated meal prep, and gift-buying that can easily become overwhelming for my schedule and wallet.

My social calendar is also fuller than usual with the onslaught of family events and holiday parties. I want to look my best for all of my social engagements and make sure my hair color is on point, but time and budget make this harder than ever. My solution? Madison Reed.

Here are all the reasons why I trust Madison Reed to help me navigate my holiday calendar with amazing hair:

I’m Busy

Between preparing my home for company, cooking up a storm, and making sure I’ve purchased gifts for everyone on my “nice list,” I don’t have a lot of time left for sitting in a salon chair. With Madison Reed, I get salon-quality hair color delivered straight to my front door that I can apply at home in a snap. Instructions are tailored to my specific hair needs, and I can color, wash, dry, and be out the door in about an hour. (I can also wrap presents while I’m waiting for my color to process.)

I’m Budgeting

Let’s get real: the holidays can be expensive, and every year, my purse feels the strain. I want to spend all my available Benjamins on better gifts for my loved ones, not on covering my grays. Madison Reed’s professional-grade, permanent hair color is only $25 (with a subscription), which is way less than I’d spend visiting a pro-colorist in person. If you’re not an at-home color colorer, you can visit a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar and still get the salon quality at a fraction of the salon cost and time.

I Want to Look My Best

When I’m playing hostess or dolled up in my holiday best, I don’t want to worry about whether my hair color is as vibrant as my mood. With Madison Reed, I can rely on fantastic results every single time I color. My go-to shade is Firenze, a medium warm brown, but should I ever want to mix it up, Madison Reed offers the option to book time with a licensed colorist who can help me choose just the right new shade that’s sure to look great and work with my existing color. These sessions typically last 15 minutes, and they’re absolutely free. I’ve actually been thinking about going bolder… maybe a striking dark auburn to complement the Christmas-red stockings hanging on my mantle?

I Want to Minimize Stress

The holidays are stressful enough, and it’s important to me that coloring my hair doesn’t add unnecessary drama to my already frazzled days. From ease of ordering (I can have my color shipped via subscription so I have color ready when it’s time to touch up) to simple application (I get custom instructions and a no-drip formula that won’t get all over my bathroom), Madison Reed adds some much needed zen to the whirlwind that is my life around the holidays.

Visiting a salon during the busy holiday season definitely is not on my holiday wish list, and with Madison Reed, I love that I can still get high-quality color that saves me time and money. Now, gotta run: I’ve got a tree to trim, pie in the oven, party dress to pick out, and gifts to go buy! And, if you needed even more of a reason to try Madison Reed: Use code MSA15 for 15% off your purchase.