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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Here’s One Thing I Wish I Knew When I First Became a Dog Mom

THIS is my absolute favorite dog mom hack 👇

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasJan 5, 2024In Partnership With Koala Health

Time flies. Cora, my German Shepherd, is already 10 years old. To say it’s been easy would be a lie—mainly because she’s always been reactive and going to the vet to get prescription refills is an anxiety-inducing ordeal.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thanks to Koala Health, Cora can get her medication delivered straight to her doggy door, which is a lot more convenient than a vet visit.

It makes the old adage, “I wish I knew then what I know now,” so true. Except, I wish Koala Health existed back then—my life as a new dog mom would’ve been a lot easier. Here’s why:

Cora’s meds are refilled automatically—managing what she has to take has never been easier 

My head spun when Cora was a puppy. Trying to figure out what meds she had to take while remembering to refill them was super stressful. If you’re a pet parent, I’m sure you understand. And as she got older, it didn’t get any easier to manage—especially as she started to take meds for her joints.

With Koala Health, Cora’s meds are automatically refilled and arrive based on the schedule I set up. I can even make changes as I need to. It’s truly a set it and forget it service that my scatter brain loves.

And if your dog is on chronic meds, their prescriptions will come in personalized pouches that are sorted by date and time, so you know exactly what they have to take, and when they have to take them. No more squinting at prescription bottles while trying to keep them in order.

Even better, their name will be right on them! So if you have multiple pets, or if I decide to get Cora a sibling, there’s no way to mix the pouches up.

Their services are free—I’m able to spoil Cora with more treats and toys

Having to go to the vet gets expensive—especially when all you’re going for is a refill. Luckily, Koala Health is free. I’m talking about free service, free shipping. All you have to do is pay for the medications.

So no matter how many automatic refills you sign up for,  it’s free for your dog or cat—always.

And free doesn’t mean they skimp out! They have tons of medications ranging from allergy relief, anxiety, diabetes, and eye care, to immune support, vitamins, and more.

They’re a one-stop-shop where you can actually read about the meds and make decisions confidently. I would’ve given anything to feel more confident when I first brought Cora home! I was a nervous wreck about everything.

They coordinate with my vet, so I don’t have to—that means I get to spend more time with Cora

Trying to coordinate prescriptions can be daunting. Especially when your pet is on a bunch of different medications. One thing that stuck out to me about Koala Health that other delivery services don’t offer is that they coordinate with Cora’s vet directly.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hop on their website and choose what your furry friend needs.
  2. Add some details about your dog (or cat) and vet, so Koala Health can get to work.
  3. Wait while Koala Health fetches (no pun intended) the prescription from your vet, verifies its safety and accuracy, and handles any paperwork.
  4. Get ready to answer the door, because in just a few days, your pet’s medication will arrive!

It’s seriously that quick, easy, and stress-free. No more putting off going to the vet because of how much an ordeal it always is. Cora’s happy at home, and I am too.

Every pet parent, whether new or old, needs to try Koala Health

Like I said before, I wish I knew then what I know now. Koala Health has been a game changer in managing Cora’s meds. They’re more straightforward, I’m saving money, and I’m able to spend more time on what really matters: giving Cora endless amounts of attention and making memories.

So if you’re a new pet parent, or you’re sick of going to the vet, give Koala Health a try. They really do make caring for your pet so much easier.