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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Harry’s vs. Gillette: See My Clear-Cut Winner

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperNov 30, 2022Sponsored

I love that clean look and smooth feel you get with a great wet shave, but only certain razors deliver on this promise. I’ve been a Gillette man for many years (just like my father before me), but I’ve been meaning to try Harry’s for a while after seeing it in the drugstore.

So, how do they compare? I’m testing top razor brands Harry’s and Gillette in a head-to-head battle to find out which brand makes the cut.

Price: Harry’s wins!

We’re all trying to save a few bucks in these times of high inflation, and shaving every day — or even every few days — can quickly add up.

Both Harry's and Gillette offer online subscriptions that come with great starter kits at a low cost. For $5, Harry's gives you a weighted, ergonomic handle with a five-blade razor cartridge, plus Harry’s foaming shave gel and a travel blade cover.

The cost savings really comes with the refills, though. Gillette makes you pay $26 for just 4 ProGlide refills and shaving cream. Harry's gives you twice as many razors for less money - you can get 8 refills for $16 or 8 refills with shaving cream for $22.

That's $2 per razor for Harry's, or $5 per razor for Gillette. I'll always take the one that's 60% cheaper!

Convenience: It’s a Draw

Gillette might be an old company, but it has entered the subscription game, so they deserve props. You can receive auto-refill cartridge refills just like Harry’s, along with a full-size shaving cream for a smooth shave.

Alternatively, Harry’s was born as a convenient subscription service, which keeps costs low while offering superior quality. They also have a new membership program called Core, which offers even more value and convenience for just $15 per year. Benefits include additional savings on all purchases, even faster shipping, and member-only access to new and exclusive releases.

Look and feel: Harry’s Wins!

I know look and feel is entirely subjective here, but I can’t get over how much I love Harry’s. Each Harry’s razor cartridge features a flex hinge, allowing the five blades to follow the contours of your face. At the same time, a lubricating strip provides an even glide and a satisfyingly smooth finish.

I’ve used Gillette for a long time, and — probably like most guys — I know it can provide a good shave, too. So, even though Harry’s is much cheaper, with either razor you can expect a great result.

Where Harry’s pips Gillette to the post in this category is their variety. They have the two-toned Truman handle in four different colors, the stylish, metallic Winston handle that is a delight to look at on my bathroom sink, and an everlasting flow of limited edition sets that bring a whole new style to shaving. Whether it's the holiday themed shave sets in the winter, the annual Pride sets in the summer, or exclusive partnerships like the recent Matte Black handle, there's a style for everyone with Harry's.

Conclusion: Harry’s wins.

Not by a whisker, not even by a head, we have a clear-cut winner! Let’s face it, Harry’s is my best bet for a great shave at a reasonable price, with quality, convenience, and style to boot. So — sorry, Gillette — but if you want to stay well-groomed, I say treat yourself to a subscription to Harry’s.