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Hair Care After 40: How I’m Getting My Volume and Shine Back

Nicole Stoltzfus
ByNicole StoltzfusJan 11, 2023In Partnership With Better Not Younger

Are you around age 40 and are noticing more hair in the drain after you shower, strands of hair all over the house, and overall breakage, dryness, and flyaways? If you’re nodding along, you’re in good company. It’s no secret that our skin starts to change as we age, but what about our hair?

As a 45-year-old, I can easily say that I have experienced all of the above. I have always had frizzy hair and honestly, I work hard to keep it soft & smooth, but it’s becoming more challenging as I get older. I recently started using Better Not Younger hair care after a friend claimed their products were her tried-and-true solution for reviving her changing hair. Here are the products I used and how they’re working some serious miracles for my hair:

If you’re struggling with volume and breakage... use the Wake Up Call Shampoo & Conditioner

In the past, I would buy pretty much any drugstore shampoo & conditioner that smelled nice. Honestly, I didn’t really think that the ingredients made too much of a difference–until I got older. Now, I know for a fact that what we use on a daily basis really does matter. Lots of hair products are made with ingredients that are not only harmful, but can actually leave your hair feeling dry and full of residue.

The Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate-free and very gentle. Ingredient callouts like burdock root, bamboo, and sage actively work to volumize and diminish breakage, while the conditioner provides intense hydration and smoothing. After using both products together, I’ve noticed a huge difference in how full my hair looks.

If you’re struggling with frizz & damage… use the No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray

Heat protection is so important for us ladies who style  our hair with hair dryers, irons, and other styling tools. The heat coming from these products can really dry out our hair, causing even more frizz and breakage. Luckily, the No Remorse Heat Protection & Taming Spray is full of Vitamin E and nourishing oils to form a protective barrier without weighing it down.

This product works to not only protect your hair but tames it throughout the day, too. I spray a couple of pumps on my palms and distribute throughout my hair, and it smooths flyaways all day long. My hair looks way better post-styling than it used to, and I’m getting a lot more mileage out of my washed hair.

If you’re struggling with fullness… use the Lift Me Up Hair Thickener

Better Not Younger’s Lift Me Up Hair Thickener works by lifting the hair at the root and nourishing the scalp and hair with ingredients like ceramide, biotin, and niacinamide. I was super impressed with this–I immediately noticed more body to my hair, and really like that it can be used on both damp and dry hair to revive tired styles.

Not sure where to start? Take the quiz

If you’re unsure of which Better Not Younger products are going to work the most magic on your hair, Better Not Younger’s Hair Quiz has you covered. Developed by hair care experts, this quiz will provide you with a personalized recommendation of products based on hair type and concerns. How great is that?

My Results

I have to say, I was super impressed with how much volume and shine I had in my hair after using all of the products. Most importantly, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the texture and overall look and feel of my hair even when I’m not constantly using the products, so I know they’re making a difference to my hair’s overall health.

Every time I use these products, it feels like I’ve walked out of a salon. Even days after the initial hair wash, my hair still feels full, soft, and bouncy–this kind of longevity is definitely not there with my drugstore products. Better Not Younger is the only hair care that truly feels tailored to my aging hair–and it’s an absolute must-buy!