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Gordon Ramsay Says These Hybrid Pans Cook to Perfection – Thanks Chef, But I’ll Be The Judge Of That

Avantika Agarwal
ByAvantika AgarwalJan 17, 2023In Partnership With Hexclad

I’m not one to use a product just because it has a celeb’s name on it, even if it’s cookware being supported by a celebrity chef with as much notoriety as Gordon Ramsay. That’s why I was skeptical of HexClad, a cookware brand that Ramsay uses at home as an off-duty chef, calling them the “Rolls Royce of Pans.”

It was time to upgrade my scratched cookware, though, and my requirements were as follows: 1) it has to prepare my favorite dishes beautifully, 2) minimize messes and clean-up, and 3) it has to be nonstick. HexClad (and Gordon Ramsay) promise this cookware would do just that and more.

And really, when it came to deciding on whether to try this cookware, what did I have to lose? If the pans worked out, I’d have easy-to-clean, non-toxic & non-stick cookware to use every day. If I didn’t like them, I’d revert back to my usual cookware and package these pans back up to gift to one of my MasterChef-obsessed friends, or simply return them thanks to HexClad’s 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Fortunately, Ramsay’s endorsement for HexClad is iron-clad, and these pans really do live up to the hype. Here’s how HexClad changed the way I cook.

Reap the benefits of hybrid cookware

There are many types of pots and pans out there, and in my eyes, they all have some limitations. Non-stick pans are perfect for your eggs and cast iron gives you that amazing sear on your sirloin, but lots of non-stick cookware isn’t durable, and while cast iron is long-lasting, they can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher.

I wasn’t exactly sure what HexClad meant by hybrid cookware until I opened up the box and saw the products for myself. HexClad combines all the benefits of various types of cookware: cast iron’s durability, the ease of non-stick pans (without the harmful toxins), and the high performance of stainless steel.

I found HexClad's cookware to live up to these characteristics. Just make sure you do two things with these pots and pans: 1) you season them and 2) you cook on lower heat, to ensure they remain perfectly non-stick. I could sautée veggies or prepare stews, and nothing stuck to the pots or pans. Everything cooked exactly how I wanted it to, whether I was preparing something lightly steamed or heavily seared.

Clean up made easy

I’ve used cookware in the past that claimed to be easy to clean, but some items weren’t dishwasher safe, or food stuck to the pan so aggressively it had to soak in the sink for an hour before it could go in the dishwasher.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that no matter what I cooked in the HexClad cookware, nothing stuck to the bottom or sides. You can simply clean them with a little soap and water, and they’ll look as good as new.

I’ve tried washing other cookware in the dishwasher, only to find the non-stick coating flaking off afterward. Thankfully, HexClad looked as good as new after running it through a cycle in the dishwasher. No hand-washing necessary!

Stress-free cooking

Because HexClad hybrid cookware is non-stick, I can use minimal oils in my meal prep. Instead, I can focus on adding plenty of fresh flavor with my favorite ingredients.

One of my favorite features is that these pots and pans can go from the stovetop to the oven, meaning I can sear protein and then finish cooking it in the oven or start a casserole up top and move it to the oven to finish baking without dirtying extra dishes.

Another issue with most cookware is that you can’t use metal utensils, or you’ll scrape the surface or damage the non-stick coating. HexClad is resistant to scrapes from metal utensils like spatulas, whisks, spoons (sharp utensils may leave a scratch, but it’s only cosmetic). The stainless steel component of HexClad’s high-quality cookware protects the nonstick coating and the rest of the pan from damage. Read: you’ll have these pots & pans until the end of time.

Just call me “chef”

Okay, maybe I’m not a pro chef like Gordon Ramsay after using this cookware, but I have to admit that HexClad leveled up my kitchen skills and made cooking at home easy and convenient. I can confidently cook all types of different dishes in these pots and pans, and I never have to worry that a future cooking experiment will go horribly wrong and leave me with a mess.

From beginner home cooks to professional chefs, HexClad cookware will transform your cooking, one meal at a time. I knew I should’ve trusted Ramsay to begin with…