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18 Fun Gifts For Horse Lovers

Horse lovers are wild and free at heart, and the perfect gift should embody that passion. Whether they are Western or English saddle equestrians, horse owners, or simply just adore ponies, you’re certain to find a unicorn in this list. From horse subscription boxes filled with gourmet treats, tack, and grooming supplies, to fun and unique horse-themed gifts for the equine friend to hold with pride, the list below will make you get ready to say, “giddyup!”

Fun Subscription Boxes For Horse Lovers

Looking to find the perfect subscription box for your favorite rider or horse enthusiast? Well look no further! We’ve rounded up a list of the boxes you can’t say neigh to!

1. LaLa Horse

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $39.95 per month for the Young Equestrians Box, Horse Lovers Mystery Box, and The Horsemanship Box. $12.95 per month for the Equine Fashionista Surprise. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Perfect for riders aged 6 to 18+ years old, LaLa Horse is the goodie box tailored to girls and guys that love ponies. Filled with toys, books, jewelry, gifts, clothes, and more, each box is curated to the recipient’s age and preferences, fostering a lifelong love of the equestrian life. Upon checkout, subscribers complete a profile of personalization preferences from initials to favorite color, and clothing size to riding discipline. The box is truly a custom experience, and subscribers can expect boxed items made specifically for them, personalized with their name or initials.

Ships to the U.S. for $8.00, Canada for $23.95, and all other international countries for $30.00. 


2. The Feisty Filly

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $49.99 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Whether your favorite equestrian rides Western or English saddle, The Fiesty Filly is a subscription box that is certain to be a hit for riders and their horses. Packed with products from name brands, recent niche labels, and homemade items, this box arrives complete with gourmet treats, grooming products, tack, supplements, accessories, and more. Choose between 4 disciplines of riding, and enjoy full-sized products with every shipment. Miniature horse enthusiasts will especially get a kick out of this box, with a subscription plan tailored specifically for this niche interest.

Ships free to the U.S., and for $25.00 to all other international countries.


3. Pony Xpress Club

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $59.95 for the Horse Size box, $39.95 per month for the Pony Size box, and $19.95 for the Saddle Bag Book Club. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Pony Xpress Club was made for kids ages 8 to 13 years, but adults find they canter resist (pun intended)! A premium horse-themed subscription box curated by lifelong horse lovers, this monthly subscription box comes filled with fun, educational, and practical items that will thrill the hearts of any horse owner, occasional rider, and pony dreamer. 3 to 5 full-size items fill the Pony Size box, while the Horse Size box comes with 5 to 8 items inside. Complete with books, arts and crafts kits, snacks, accessories, toys, and more, this box is a go-to for riders, young or old!

Boxes ship to the U.S. for $4.95, to Canada for $25.00, and to all other international countries for $45.00. The Saddle Bag Book Club ships to the U.S. for $2.95, to Canada for $25.00, and to all other international countries for $45.00.


4. High Point Ready

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $59.95 per month for the High Point Ready Box, and $44.95 per month for the Novice Box. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Box: High Point Ready was designed to bring horses and their riders prepared for the show ring in a cinch. Filled with useful equestrian items including recovery products, leg protection, gourmet treats, and more, this box is perfect subscription box gift that introduces both beginner and experienced riders to their new go-to kit.

Ships free to the U.S., and to all other international countries for $25.00.


5. Gallop & Glory

Image via Gallop & Glory.

The Cost: £45.00 per month (approximately $63.00). Subscribe here!

About the Box: Gallop & Glory is filled with luxury products for horses and their riders. Inside, horsemanship enthusiasts will find a collection of grooming items, treats, healthcare, and other quality items sure to delight. If you’re looking for a one-off gift over a subscription, you can also find something truly special with a Bespoke Box featuring the best of the best, or a curated Luxury Gift Box themed to Country, Dressage, Eventing, and Unicorns.

Ships to the U.S. for £28.00 (~$39.24), to Canada for £22.00 (~$30.83 USD), free to the U.K., and to most countries in Europe for £11.00 (~$15.42).

6. SaddleBox

Image via SaddleBox.

The Cost: $36.95 per month. Subscribe here!

About the Box: SaddleBox is a monthly subscription box that delivers the world’s best gourmet horse treats, tools, tack, gifts for horse owners, and more directly to your door. Better yet, all sales benefit horse rescue shelters helping ponies find their forever home. Ideal for all age ranges, saddle disciplines, and horseback riding skills, this box packed with books, gear, accessories, and equipment will be the talk of the stable!

Ships free to the U.S., to Canada for $10.00, and to the U.K. for $15.00.  


7. Heart to Horse Box

The Cost: $34.99 per month. Save with a longer subscription. Subscribe here!

About the Box: Heart to Horse Box is an expertly assembled equine subscription box that offers a fun assortment of products that is sure to earn the love of even the most discerning thoroughbred. Each month, a specially packaged box arrives filled with tack, treats, t-shirt apparel, supplies, grooming kit, and more for every riding discipline to enjoy. 25% of the box’s proceeds benefit a horse rescue in need, and while the gifted horse becomes the envy of the paddock, this box makes itself the natural choice for horse lovers everywhere.

Ships free to the U.S.


8. Forelock & Fringe

The Cost: £45.00 per month (approximately $63.00). Subscribe here!

About the Box: Forelock & Fringe is an equestrian and lifestyle subscription box delivering luxury products for horse and rider. Items within include a mix of products and treats, both equine and non-equine. The box features prestigious brands with name recognition, as well smaller indie brands, with a sweet treat, drink, and lifestyle item (often clothing) for the rider. This half/half box evenly gifts horses and their owners, with anywhere between 4 to 9 products inside. Upon sign up, indicate the recipient’s clothing size, horse size (choose from pony, cob, and full-size horse), and if you want to receive alcohol in your box (for U.K. orders only). This subscription is tailored to your preferences, and seeks to know your likes, dislikes, and dietary preferences to strike the right note from the very first box.

Ships worldwide at varying costs.


Would you like to get a closer look at the horse-related subscription boxes above? Let us know in the comments if one (or more!) has caught your eye and you’d like to see a review!

Fun Gifts For Horse Lovers

Seeking out equestrian gift ideas for the cowboy or cowgirl that dreams of their galloping horse all day? Read on to find the best gifts for people who love horses, with items from horse jewelry to rare book finds.

9. Tiny Horseshoe Necklace

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $24.95. Get it here!

About the Gift: Dainty, delicate, and beautifully handcrafted, this tiny horseshoe necklace in gold, sterling silver, or mixed metal will touch the heart of your favorite horse lover. Hammered into shape and wire wrapped to a chain, lengths are adjustable, and this beautiful accessory arrives gift wrapped and ready to inspire smiles!

Ships free to the U.S. 


10. Rustic Custom Name Horseshoe Boot Rack

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $96.79. Get it here!

About the Box: Handmade with new genuine horseshoes, this boot rack bunkhouse adds an authentic western touch while also keeping critters out of boots, and making for an easier clean-up. Perfect for any mudroom, this riding boots rack neatly holds up to four pairs of shoes and boots, and infuses a little stable decor into the home. Customize with the name or phrase of your choosing, and this piece of craftsmanship will become a beloved fixture in the home of a horse lover.

Ships free to the U.S.


11. Cast Iron Horseshoe Wine Bottle Countertop Holder

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $37.99. Get it here!

About the Gift: Cast iron with a weathered finish, this countertop wine bottle holder embodies the horse spirit with rustic appearance, making it perfect for the horse lover that enjoys a nice bottle of wine after a day of riding. Storing up to 3 bottles of wine, this piece by Foster & Rye draws admiration, as it serves as a sturdy kitchen or barware utility to complete one’s home decor.

Ships free to the U.S.


12. Horse-opoly Game Board

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $18.64. Get it here!

About the Gift: Who doesn’t love a Monopoly-like game tailored to their interests? Horse-poly is a property trading game based on equine animal friends, all the while encouraging horseplay! Ideal for 2 to 6 players aged 8 years to adult, this is a great game night classic with a twist that invites studs to strut their skills.

Ships free to the U.S. with membership to Amazon Prime or on orders over $25.00.


13. Horse Sweat & Leather Candle

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $24.95. Get it here!

About the Gift: A candle made just for horse lovers, the fragrance will bring the heart straight back to the barn. Capturing a sweet, grassy scent, along with well-loved warm leather, this 12-ounce natural soy candle comes in a capped glass mason jar and is sure to bring fond memories from the stable to the surface.

Ships to the U.S. at varying rates. Ships free with any order of $100.00 or more from this seller.

14. Horse Message in a Bottle

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $12.57-25.47 depending on preference. Get it here!

About the Gift: A small gift with a big impact, this tiny message in a bottle makes for a beautiful figurine token to any horse lover. Choose from a shop-designed tag message or choose your own meaningful words, this inside includes a horse silhouette paper cut out surrounded by sparkling glitter, as well a tiny envelope with a piece of paper where you can write your own message.

Ships to the U.S. for $6.32.

15. “Horses Keep Me Stable” Tumbler

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $19.91. Get it here!

About the Gift: Who couldn’t use an insulated tumbler that makes them smile? This 20-ounce stainless steel insulated travel tumbler will keep the equestrian in your life hydrated and happy. The double-wall vacuum insulated design can keep beverages hot for 5 hours and cold for 9. A set that comes complete with two lids, two straws, a cup brush, and straw brush, the recipient will never have reason to be without it!

Ships free to the U.S. with an Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 or more.


16. Ted & Jack Equestrian Scarf

Image via Amazon.

The Cost: $16.90. Get it here!

About the Gift: For a day at the polo fields, this scarf from Ted & Jack makes for an elegant accent to any look while exhibiting some pony pride. Made of 100% Viscose, this lightweight and cozy neckwear is chic and comes available in several color schemes to match your outfit. Wild, free, and fashionable, the horse lover at heart will love its classic equestrian print.

Ships free to the U.S. with Amazon Prime membership, or on orders of $25.00 and over.

17. Horse Wish Bracelet

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $5.00. Get it here!

About the Gift: A charming bracelet or even anklet with horse passions tied to the gift, this wish bracelet makes a lovely stylish gift. Choose from numerous colors on the bracelet cord and customize the wording of the card; a wish poem is printed at the bottom to read “Tie this bracelet to your wrist, as you do make a wish. When this bracelet breaks in two, legend says your wish will come true.” This great gift will leave a taste of good luck for any horse girl or boy!

Ships to the U.S. for $3.65.


18. Antique Black Beauty Book

Image via Etsy.

The Cost: $25.00. Get it here!

About the Gift: A children’s book classic that has lasted the test of time, this antique prized edition of Black Beauty is a unique vintage score that will floor anyone with a fondness for horses. Dating back to the 1910s, this book is a truly unique gift and rare find, with inside markings from previous owners that add to its charm. A favorite among horse lovers everywhere, this very special copy is the gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Ships to the U.S. for $7.70.


That’s it for our Fun Subscription Boxes and Gifts For Horse Lovers! What are your favorite picks for the equestrian in your life?

Written by Samantha Sendor

Samantha Sendor

Samantha loves discovering new finds, whether through her travels to remote parts of the globe, or diving into the latest subscription box right from home! When she’s not creating content about all the things that make her happy, she can usually be found cooking, crafting, sketching, or goofing around with her daughter Penny.

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  1. I also absolutely love Cavali Club It blows everything else out of the water. Carli is hands on and develops exclusive products. It’s the perfect mix of things for home and personal as well as for your horse. I can’t recommend it enough. I look forward to every single month and use everything!

  2. I would love to see horse boxes reviewed (and I third cavali club). My teen rides and these boxes look really fun.

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for this feedback, Suzi! I will bring this back to the team so we can get cracking!

  3. Horse-opoly is too funny, and I love that it “encourages horseplay.” 🐎😂

    • Lindsey, the puns are endless! 😂

  4. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the “Black Beauty” suggestion!

  5. I loved this article! I rode dressage for years, but my last horse now lives at a retirement farm about an hour away from me (he’s old & almost completely blind), and I miss riding so much. I especially like that candle, I love the smell of a barn!

    • Hi amandawoj! Aw, I hope you get to visit your horse every now and then. I can imagine how much you must miss them (and riding too)! <3

  6. I love that you included horse boxes! I was surprised the Cavali Club box was not on your list though. I think they have some great products and their customer service is some of the best I’ve seen, and I’m not even subscribed to their box yet! Definitely on my wishlist though, along with Saddle Box.

    • I agree!!! As a lifelong rider and competitor, horse boxes tend to be mostly repeats for me – or things where I already have a brand preference and won’t use something new. The kids boxes are great for their intended audience, and I like the wine holder in the gifts section! Cavali Club is the one horse box I really like! In addition to products for your horse, they have included high quality lifestyle items like belts and wallets that work in normal life.

      • Hi K9Kenai and Brooke! Thank you for the heads up about Cavali Club! I hadn’t even known about this one until now, and judging from the quick glance I just had, it looks amazing! This community is so full of great ideas, insights, and box intel! 🙂

  7. You forgot hay and gift cards to the local feed store lol. Pretty sure hay is the number one thing on every equestrian’s wishlist.

    • Haha fair point, Ally!

  8. What an original idea, refreshing content!

    • Thanks so much, Kc!

  9. As a lifelong equestrian and horse lover of all breeds, I LOVE these.

    • I’m so happy to hear it, Alice! 🙂

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