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My Subscription Addiction

How Switching to Custom Hair Care Products Transformed My Hair

Jessica Harrison
ByJessica HarrisonNov 3, 2022

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I recently made the switch to Prose’s custom hair care products and let me tell you, the results have been incredible!

Having healthy, thick, shiny hair is my top priority but I was blessed with hair that is anything but full of volume and shine. My fine, delicate waves tangle easily. My roots tend to get oily after a day or two. And I’m currently on the roller-coaster of postpartum hormonal changes and the dreaded hair shedding phase.

So when I learned about the evolution of custom hair care products tailored to my specific hair goals, I knew this could be exactly what I desperately needed. Unlike typical drugstore shampoo formulated for the masses, Prose creates custom hair care products…made for my needs.

Taking the Online Consultation

The first step was taking a consultation on Prose’s website to determine the best formula for my hair. They ask very comprehensive questions to determine the best formula for my hair. There were 4 sections to the consultation, which asked about my hair type and scalp, any treatments or color that I currently have, my lifestyle and environment, and my hair goals.

Answering Prose’s questions about my hair allowed their expert algorithm to decide what ingredients would help me to achieve my hair goals, which include hydration, protection, oil control, and more VOLUME! What really impressed me about Prose’s customization is that it included personal factors which are unique to me, like my diet and exercise routine.

Defining My Hair Goals

As I mentioned above, having healthy, shiny, thick hair is my top priority. Unlike generic drugstore brands, all Prose custom hair care products are individually bottled based on results from the online consultation.

Knowing the city I live in, they were able to optimize my formula to protect my hair from the specific uv index, humidity, water hardness, and air pollution levels that I am exposed to daily.

Lastly, and probably the feature that I loved the most, was that my Prose formula is targeted to my current life phase, being postpartum. Knowing that my Prose products will be gentle on my hair and scalp as I go through so many hormonal changes and postpartum hair shedding over the next few months is so reassuring and makes this formula so special for me.

Let’s be honest: I have never seen any formula on the shelf that can help me get hydration, heat-protection, volume, oil control, protection from the exact environmental factors of where I live, AND be gentle enough during postpartum.

Prose was able to pack all of that into aesthetically pleasing, apothecary-inspired, sustainable packaging AND let me choose my own scent!

Reviewing the Products

The products are fantastic! Here are some of the things I love best:

  • My custom shampoo formula has a beautiful lather and rinses out clean, without making my hair feel squeaky, stripped, or tangled, thanks to yucca stem extract, silk proteins, and jasmine flower water.
  • My custom conditioner leaves my hair feeling silky soft. I actually feel like I don’t NEED conditioner after I use this shampoo, but of course I do anyway because it’s all part of the ritual… and I love a good beauty ritual. The conditioner is packed with silk, pea, and quinoa proteins, arginine, as well as plum and poppy oils.
  • My favorite styling product from Prose is the leave-in conditioner. It has a heat protectant and helps to detangle and smooth my hair with ingredients like rice water, hyaluronic acid, plant collagen, arginine, vegan proteins, as well as grape seed and kalahari melon oil.

The Results: Undeniable “Hair Toss” Energy

I love the way my hair looks and feels after using my Prose hair care products! It’s soft, bouncy, and smells incredible. The products feel luxurious and look stunning in my shower or on my vanity. Best of all, the products are cruelty-free, and made with sustainable and naturally sourced ingredients.

You can’t find products that have all of these qualities and target every single one of your hair needs and goals in a pre-made formula on the drugstore shelf. After trying Prose, I won’t go back to my generic shampoo. My Prose products are perfectly suited to me and they were custom made especially for me…the label even says so!