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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

GEM vs. Athletic Greens: See The Multivitamin Elevating My Health

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereFeb 7, 2023Sponsored

I’m always looking for the most convenient ways to get healthier. Who doesn’t? For me, that means finding the balance between a delicious treat I can enjoy every morning and an effective whole-food multivitamin that’ll help me reach my wellness goals.

It can be challenging to find the right supplement, but I’ve narrowed it down to what works for me. It took some trial and error (and lots of yummy taste testing), but I ultimately found a winner after comparing GEM and Athletic Greens, two multivitamin subscription brands that deliver daily nutrition.

Here's a breakdown and comparison to help make your mornings a little better, too:

If You Want To Start Your Day With Tasty Nutrition… GEM

GEM’s MultiBites are bite-sized pieces of dessert that are actually good for you. They’re a little fruity, a little chocolatey, and a lot healthy without the weird aftertaste. I enjoy the citrus flavors in the morning to start my day, but you can always get the more decadent chocolate flavors if richer flavors are more your speed.

I found that Athletic Green’s taste was pretty earthy. If you don’t mind grassy flavors, you might not mind Athletic Greens, but I much prefer GEM, which is way tastier yet healthy, too.

If You Want A More Affordable Subscription… GEM

If you’re looking for an affordable and tasty multivitamin subscription, GEM is the winning combo. Starting at just $60 per month for a one-time purchase (or pay $50 when you subscribe & save), it’s much more affordable than Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens is nearly double the price at $99 for a one-time purchase and $90 if you subscribe & save. The price point was a make-or-break for me, even before the taste comparison, which is why GEM is my winner here.

If You Want The Highest Quality Ingredients Possible… We Have A Tie

High-quality ingredients are a big deal when you’re talking about multivitamins. My favorite ingredients are found in GEM’s MultiBites, including spirulina (stamina builder), pumpkin seeds (system defender), chickpeas (bone protector), chia seeds (omega balancer), ashwagandha (stress fighter), and more stellar superfoods! GEM uses science-backed ingredients that don’t contain animal byproducts, inflammatory dairy, irritating artificial colors, or unnecessary endocrine-disrupting fillers.

Athletic Greens is also no stranger to good-for-you ingredients with a slew of superfoods like organic spirulina, apple powder, carrots, wheat grass juice powder, pea protein, and more.

If You Like Convenience… GEM

Like I said before, convenience is my jam! If I can get 100% of my recommended daily value of vitamins and minerals in a simple and easy-to-use way, then I’m all for it. That’s why GEM really wins here. GEM comes in single-serve packets that are easy to take with you everywhere (think purse for an afternoon pick-me-up or gym bag for a post-workout treat). They’re also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO - basically, all the good stuff!

On the other hand, Athletic Greens’ AG1 is a green powder supplement that mixes best with water or in your daily smoothies. It’s not inconvenient by any means, but it requires more prep than GEM’s grab-and-go bites.

The Ultimate Winner... GEM

Athletic Greens is a worthy contender, but GEM officially won me over. I’ve seen the difference in my energy levels in the morning, and the bites provide all the nutrients I need. I highly recommend GEM’s MultiBites to start your day with healthy nutrition and superfood ingredients - all at an affordable price point. What’s better than that?!