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From Purees to Playdates, Here’s How This High Chair Was There For a Child’s Firsts

Maider Xiong
ByMaider XiongNov 11, 2022In Partnership With Lalo

There are a lot of products out there that claim to grow with your child. They always catch my eye, because of course I want to maximize the use of any product my family invests in. Of all the chairs that make such a claim, Lalo is the only one I’ve found so far that gets as much mileage as hoped: Lalo’s The Chair transitions from a high chair to a booster seat, then to a play chair. It’s unique, it’s quality, and it fits as seamlessly into our home with the other furniture in our space.

Safe: Check! Comfy: Check!

My favorite feature of The Chair is that it’s super secure. My son Henry is 18 months old, so he’s on the verge of readiness for a booster seat, but is not quite yet. I love that Lalo has a 5-point harness (aka an over-the-shoulder-style buckle) that truly holds him in. I remember when Henry was 6 months old and just starting on solids, and his previous high chair only had a lap belt. He would slide forward with no back support. I had to put a pillow in the back just to support him more. It was an experience that made me realize I need a better high chair! It’s details like this secure harness that made my husband and me really appreciate this brand. They put the same exacting care into every product that we do in raising our child—which makes sense seeing that this company was founded by 2 new dads. Lalo is an acronym for “Love All Little Ones,” which I find so sweet and caring.

As far as comfort goes, Henry is happy as can be in there. Because he’s not distracted by the discomfort of sliding or slouching, he can focus on exploring the foods we give him to try. I also appreciate that when we feel it’s time to remove the tray, The Chair is an appropriate height for our dining room table.

Innovative Design = Owning Less Stuff

I’ve seen 2-in-1 high chairs before, but Lalo’s is the first 3-in-1 design I’ve encountered, and it’s really ingenious! Not only can you swap the legs out to change it from a high chair to a booster seat as your baby becomes a toddler, you can also update it a third time to become a kids-height play chair that looks like mini adult decor. Honestly, it’s just so cute. Henry’s current favorites are cars and trains, so if you set those up on a table for him, he will play for hours on end! Imagining all the phases of interests he’ll transition through as his world opens up, and knowing he’ll be enjoying them all in this same beautiful chair, truly warms my heart.

The quality is really evident in this piece of furniture, too. We could tell right as the boxes were delivered to our front door. The packaging is nice and instructions for The Chair are super easy to follow. Is there such a thing as “too easy” in terms of assembly? We couldn’t believe it! It’s obviously a product that you can trust because of how solid the legs and chair already feel before you begin assembling it. My husband and I were especially appreciative of the support it brings, but we also really loved how beautiful the booster looked with the wood base, and how functional the play chair is.

Our Forever Chair

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Lalo’s The Chair is one I look forward to transitioning with us as my son grows up. Since we’re still in the high chair setting, we have a ton to look forward to with our Lalo Chair.

I’ve saved this for the end, but it’s worth mentioning that we also use and love Lalo’s tableware. No surprise given the love letter I just wrote, it’s all beautiful and very quality-feeling. You can get the accessories in sage, blueberry, or grapefruit, as well as two new colors: oatmeal and popcorn. Depending on your style, you can match with The Chair or create your own color combination. I really liked the smock bib, too—we hadn’t used one before and it’s a nice option for when Henry has meals that tend to be messier, like soups and pastas.

If you’re on the fence about Lalo’s 3-in-1 Chair, let me give you the encouragement you need to go for it. You won’t regret it!