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My Subscription Addiction

Freebird’s Father’s Day Deal – Get the Details Here

Jude Phillips
ByJude PhillipsJul 13, 2023In Partnership With Freebird

This one’s for the dad with a good, bald head on his shoulders. Your earliest wisdom probably came directly from his noggin, even if your hairline is intact. To celebrate this man of many wonders, Freebird is offering up to 50% off + free gifts! What are the gifts? Will you keep them or give them to pops alongside his new head shaver? The answer to these questions is in your future if you tap that red link below to get your Father’s Day gift ordered:

It’ll be smooth sailing from here on out

Smoothness all around: a smooth gifting process since you need look no further than this here idea, a smooth head for dear old dad, and heck, maybe this’ll even smooth out the kinks in your relationship. May as well find out! Here’s some more info to help you feel good about this decision:

  • Freebird head shavers give as close of a shave as a razor, but with no irritation, no razor bumps, no nicks, and no cuts. Thanks for that, ScalpSafe™ Technology!
  • The whole head is shaved and ready to go in 90 seconds or less. You’re affording him more time to tinker or whittle or whatever it is he does!
  • This handheld electric shaver has an ergonomic design that’s comfy in the hand and made to get those hard-to-reach spots.
  • It’s mess-free thanks to a hair collector that can be emptied with ease after each use.
  • Want to give it a go and see how he likes it? Freebird’s 30-day guarantee means he can try it out a good few times, and return for a full refund if it’s not his new favorite gadget.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get this shaver for your dad? Are you a Baldilocks who wants to cash in on this deal for yourself? Are you ready to score up to 50% off and find out what those free gifts are? Now through June 18, 2023, is your shot, get after it!

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