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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Freebird vs. Skull Shaver: See My Affordable Favorite

Evan Barbosa
ByEvan BarbosaNov 11, 2022Sponsored

It’s not easy losing your hair (especially when you’re in your mid-20s). When I first noticed it, I tried a traditional multi blade razor, but I always ended up butchering the back of my head.

In order to get my best possible shave, I put two electric head shavers to the test: Freebird (you may know them by their former name, Freedom Grooming) and Skull Shaver – in my quest to find the perfect shave.

Best Price Point: Freebird

Freebird is much more affordable than Skull Shaver. Skull Shaver’s base-level 3-blade razor starts at $49.99, but you can also choose their Silver ($109.99), Gold ($139.99), or Platinum ($249.99) options.

Freebird only has one shaver, a 5-blade rotary electric shaver called the FlexSeries, which is typically $79.95, but I got it for $49 during their Black Friday sale happening now!

Freebird’s blade refill starts at $17.95 and you can choose between 4, 6, 8, and 10-week delivery options, so you’re never without a fresh, smooth shave.

Better yet, Freebird’s FlexSeries Kit is a serious deal, especially with their Black Friday sale – it’s only $79.95 (or $69.95 if you subscribe and save), and you can take an extra 30% off that during the sale.

For $49 with the sale, you’ll get the FlexSeries Shaver, Precision Clipper, Nose & Ear Trimmer, Scalp Scrubber, ScalpSafe Blade, 3-5-7mm Safety Guards, an Exfoliation Brush, and a USB Charging Cable.

On the other hand, Skull Shaver’s Pitbull Silver PRO Head and Face Shaver retails for $109.99, and you only get the shaver, none of the extras. That’s almost twice the cost of Freebird’s kit.

Smoothest and Least Irritating Shave: Freebird

We all need a razor that shaves as closely to the skin as possible, but without creating angry razor burn. Freebird gave me a much closer shave than my Skull Shaver, which means shaving less often! I tried my Freebird razor in the shower and dry, as well as with and without shaving cream, and every single time the shave was smooth and my skin looked flawless.

Most Blade Variety: Skull Shaver

Skull Shaver’s blade variety really stands out for me with 3, 4, or 5 blade count choices. Freebird only has the signature 5-blade head, and although it works great (seriously!), I can imagine some guys out there have specific preferences for blade count.

Best Overall Razor: Freebird

Freebird’s shaver is smooth, fast, and inexpensive in comparison to the Skull Shaver, so it wins in my book. Order your kit from Freebird today to have the best shave of your life!