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My Subscription Addiction

Found Is The Only Weight Loss Program For Me. Here’s Why.

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoAug 9, 2022In Partnership With Found Weight Loss Program

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At almost 30 years old, I can now recognize that I have always struggled with my weight. When I was a teenager, I wasn't very kind to my body, and once in college, I gained so much weight that I barely recognized myself – my friends and family certainly didn’t either. And despite wanting to do it alongside a professional, I only ever lost weight by severely restricting my caloric intake and exercising for more than an hour every single day. Looking back now, I know that approach wasn't healthy or sustainable, and I don’t recommend anyone putting themselves through it.

These days, I'm more aware that sustainable weight loss is far more complex than the “eat less, move more” approach I took all those years ago. So this time as I start down the weight loss path, I’m doing it with the help of a program that is tailored to my specific needs and biology and won’t take much time out of my already busy schedule.

That's why I'm choosing to use Found Weight Loss, which has found massive success after being on the market for less than two years.

Here's why:


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In spite of the fact that my entire immediate family struggles with weight, it took me years to believe that my genetics could influence my weight. I thought that whatever worked for my friends would work for me. That wasn't the case and is a key motivation for choosing Found over other programs. Found takes dozens of factors into consideration when building your plan. When you first sign up, you get paired with a medical provider who will ask you everything from family history and goals to your health and outside factors that could be preventing you from starting your wellness journey. You also get paired with a coach that will work with you on healthy eating, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and stress management while also encouraging you and holding you accountable.


A person’s biology sometimes makes sustained weight loss difficult. When that’s the case, prescription weight loss medication is a great “tool in the kit” that other programs frequently fail to offer. Prescription weight loss medications can work in many ways: on the reward center of the brain to curb emotional eating; reduce cravings for certain foods; stabilize blood sugar levels; reduce overall appetite, and more. And these aren’t fad diet pills: Found’s board-certified medical practitioners prescribe legitimate weight loss medications for medically eligible members.


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There’s more to Found than just losing weight with medication; the program also matches members with personal health coaches, to build and maintain meaningful lifestyle changes. On top of that, you never feel like you’re alone because once you’ve signed up for Found, you get access to a community of people who are on the same journey. Health coaching, a comprehensive mobile app, private community, doctors, and prescription weight loss medication will ensure that you not only lose weight but keep it off.


Other weight loss programs have pushed people I know into unhealthy relationships with their food. With Found, there are no strict limits or rules of thumb. Found’s program and health coaches instead help you build a strong understanding of your relationship with food, and how you can change it over time. The goal is to develop a healthier relationship with food; to think about the nutritional value and how it makes you feel, rather than calories in, calories out.


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I’m choosing to embark on my weight loss journey with Found. They understand that sustained weight loss requires personalization, guidance, community, and potentially even medication for those who are eligible. With their health coaching, community, medical experts, and medication, I know I’m going to make changes that will last a lifetime.