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For The Hard-To-Please Home Chef: You Need This Peppermill

Devon Boone
ByDevon BooneJan 19, 2023In partnership with Hexclad

I can’t take credit for all the delicious meals made in my home (that’s all wifey!) but I can take credit for being a really good sous-chef. We are a home that uses a lot of seasonings and having pepper is a staple for us. A meal without flavor in our house is, well, a meal we don't want to eat. I think every home chef knows that seasoning is the main differentiator between a good meal and a great meal.

To be the best home chef (or sous-chef, if you're like me) possible, you gotta have the right tools! And once you try the best tools, you forget why you ever wasted time and money on the mediocre products anyway. Since trying the HexClad HexMill Pepper Grinder I could never go back to plastic peppermills and store-bought shakers I was using before. Let me tell you why you need the HexClad grinder:

It’s Extremely Durable

This isn’t just any pepper grinder that you are going to find at your local home goods store. The HexMill Pepper Grinder is a solid two pounds made of anodized aluminum. From the moment I took it out of the packaging, I knew it was created to last. It feels secure and substantial in my hand. The quality of this pepper grinder speaks for itself.

The Perfect Grind For Every Dish

The pepper grinders I’ve used in the past haven’t given much choice in how fine or coarse you want your pepper to be. With the HexMill Pepper Grinder, you get 10 adjustable settings that will allow you to approach each meal with the right choice. For example, when I'm making a soup, I want finer granules that won't take away from the soft soup texture. Other times, I want the nice crunch of coarser granules in my salads or on meat. Even more, as I cranked this unique burr grinder, the pepper fell out WAY FASTER and effortlessly. No more sore muscles for me from cranking my peppermill!

Aesthetically Pleasing and Well-Designed

Lucky for me, the beautiful monochromatic black and sleek hexagonal design fits perfectly with the aesthetic of my home. Normally, I keep our seasonings tucked away in the cabinet but this powerhouse needs to be seen. I also appreciate that the design comes with a “no mess” bottom cap that gives me the reassurance that I won’t find pepper granules on the countertop after use - anything that shortens the clean-up time for me is a win.

You Get A Lifetime Warranty

Most companies that give lifetime warranties are pretty confident in their products and I get the sense that HexClad is one of those companies. I mean, Gordon Ramsay himself stands behind their products, come on. As I tested out the HexMill Pepper Grinder, the feel and the function gave me the confidence that I could depend on it to last a lifetime, so having a lifetime warranty made it even better.

The Takeaway

HexClad was my answer to leveling up our home chef game. I plan to get my hands on some of their other high-quality cookware to unleash my potential in the kitchen. If you’re like me and want to maintain your staple seasonings like pepper in a way that will last and deliver amazing results in your food, the HexMill Pepper Grinder is for you. Get out there and get your hands on the next available one.