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FluffCo vs. Brooklinen: Battle of the Bedding

Cristina Martinez
ByCristina MartinezDec 19, 2022Sponsored

I think we can all agree that in our younger years, we didn’t think much about quality bedding and pillows. IKEA and Target were my go-to spots for under $5 pillows and thin sheets for years!

Now, as an adult, I’m a little pickier with what I’m putting on my bed. I prefer higher-quality bedding to get a decent night’s sleep, and I need pillows that support my neck and back better than the bedding from my early 20s.

Luckily for me, there are so many exciting bedding brands on the market that make purchasing high-quality bedding a breeze. So, I put Brooklinen and FluffCo to the test to see which bedding wins as my favorite, and here’s what I found.

The Tailored-To-You Experience: FluffCo

FluffCo has a quiz that helps narrow down exactly the right pillow for you. From down to down alternative, firmness, and quantity, there are so many factors that can make or break your sleep. FluffCo’s quiz felt super intuitive, asking about how I sleep, how many pillows I use, if I sleep on my side or back, if I move around, etc., and then suggested the perfect pillow for me.

In stark contrast, Brooklinen’s quiz didn’t feel as tailored to my sleeping needs. After sleeping on whatever inexpensive pillows I had bought at random places previously, I didn’t know what my firmness preference even was or how it correlated to my sleeping style. FluffCo made the choice much easier and it felt more intuitive and personal, leading to a custom choice for me.

The Most Luxurious: FluffCo

Brooklinen’s pillows and sheets were high-quality and felt like they would last a long time, but I was looking for a little more. Like, luxury hotel quality more!

I will never forget a trip I took a few years ago where I somehow landed in a brand-new and super fancy Four Seasons suite for a work trip. My boss booked the room, and I was blown away by all the details that come with a truly luxury hotel. The biggest eye-opener was the bedding. The sheets were heavenly, and the pillows? Divine. FluffCo pillows are made by the same manufacturers that produce bedding for hotels like the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton, so it’s literal luxury at a price I can afford.

The Best Materials: Tie

Both Brooklinen and FluffCo have fabrics and materials anyone would be over-the-moon happy with. Both companies practice ethical and sustainable sourcing and place an emphasis on thoughtful manufacturing. I think the main difference for me was that my Brooklinen products felt very well made, yet minimalist, while my FluffCo products felt over-the-top luxurious. So, while the materials are comparable, the vibes are very different.

For two products that have similar price points (FluffCo’s Down Feather Pillow will run you about $89, whereas Brooklinen’s Down Pillow retails for $109), I’ll be choosing FluffCo’s luxurious experience every time.

My Top Bedding Pick: FluffCo

If you want to sleep in pure luxury and comfort, FluffCo is going to be your new go-to–I have my bedroom outfitted in FluffCo sheets and pillows, and I’ve never slept better. I even had my visiting college BFF threaten to steal my FluffCo guest room pillows!

FluffCo might not have as much name recognition as Brooklinen right now, but I know FluffCo won’t be my little sleep secret for much longer! If you’re looking for hotel-quality bedding, it’s time to upgrade your sleep with FluffCo. Thank me later.