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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Flamingo vs. Billie: Here’s My Clear Winner

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasSep 10, 2022Sponsored

I never thought about anything beyond a drugstore razor when it came to shaving. Eventually, the FOMO of not trying Flamingo or Billie razors got to me, and I caved in. I’ve learned there is SUCH a difference when you have the right razor.

Over time, I switched back and forth between Flamingo and Billie razors, but there was a clear winner.

If you want a more precise shave… Flamingo

The Flamingo razor has five blades with a wide aloe strip at the top. The funny thing is, you don’t even notice this is an aloe strip until you use it. At first, I thought it was all part of the head.

Nonetheless, the wide aloe strip paired with the five blades gave me a very (very) close and clean shave that no other razor I’ve tried has given me.

If you want more control in your shave… Flamingo

Here’s where Flamingo won my heart: its weight. The handle is heavier than Billie’s, which gives you ultimate control over your shave.

Plus, the handle has this grippy rubbery texture that gives me so much confidence when shaving, especially on those tricky and hard-to-reach spots. The Flamingo razor feels more sturdy and flexible, so I can get the cleanest shave ever.

If you care about more color options… Billie

I don’t pay much attention to colors, but I know some people do, so I wanted to bring in that topic for open discussion. Flamingo has four colors: papaya, rose, sage, and lilac. You can also get a chrome-style handle for an additional $2.

With Billie, you can choose from six colors and styles, from cool blue to bright pink, orange, and turquoise. This is why I say that if you fancy a colorful razor, perhaps Billie is your deal.

If you have sensitive skin… Flamingo

The Flamingo razor blade has an aloe and shea butter strip that covers the entire head of the razor. This means you get soothing comfort all around. Even its foaming shave gel contains aloe to provide extra support for sensitive skin types. My skin is pretty tolerant, but my husband (who often steals my razors because they look “fun”) has pointed out how great Flamingo’s razors work on his sensitive skin!

If you want more than a razor… Flamingo

Whether you’re looking to prep your skin for shaving, treat it against ingrown hairs, or shave your body and face, Flamingo has it all.

For example, they offer products that my husband and I have both come to depend on, such as the Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Foaming Shave Gel, and the Ingrown Spot Treatment.

My Winner Is… Flamingo

Both Billie and Flamingo offer great razors at around the same price. But, since I also like to wax from time to time and shave my face from time to time, my winner is Flamingo.

I like the flexibility of not signing up for a subscription for everything. Instead, I love to have a subscription for my blades and everything else on an as-needed basis. Plus, I do feel like they have a wider range of products that mesh well with my grooming routine.