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FightCamp Review: The Knockout Boxing Workout You Can Do At Home

Shivika Sinha
ByShivika SinhaJun 29, 2022In partnership with FightCamp

Like most of us, I find myself incredibly busy throughout the day. Between running my own business while also being a mom to my two-year-old daughter, time is at a premium. Trying to fight traffic to make it to the gym or be at a class at a specific time just doesn't work for me, so I have to rely on the little time I have while I'm at home. I grew up practicing karate and have also tried boxing and kickboxing in the past, so after reading up on FightCamp I was hopeful that I had found my one-two punch (see what I did there!?) for a fast, but effective workout.

Spoiler Alert: It didn't disappoint.

What is FightCamp?

FightCamp is a high-intensity, interval training (HIIT) at-home workout that combines interactive technology like punch trackers and an in-app leaderboard with the basics of boxing. If you google "which sport burns the most calories" or "which workout is the best for me", there will be quite a few opinions across the internet, but boxing and HIIT workouts consistently rank as the top answers.

But how does this relate to boxing? Well, the sport is quite literally the OG of HIIT workouts. I mean, think about it...no other sport has you going full-on for three minutes with a guaranteed one-minute rest period in between. Boxing is pretty much the definition of HIIT.

Round One

There are a few price levels of FightCamp that you can sign up for which range from $399 to $1299, and your level will determine which accessories you are sent. Mine came with the boxing bag, punch trackers, boxing gloves, and quick wraps. One of the best parts of FightCamp is the punch trackers. (Don’t worry, they come with all levels). The punch trackers not only track how many punches you throw but the intensity, speed, and technique so you can see your progress and stats in real-time as well as how you rank in the FightCamp community.

Round Two

Once the boxing bag is set up, you will want to download the app and get acquainted with it. There are multiple coaches to choose from within the app and the workout sessions range from beginner to more advanced. If you are a novice, the instructors will go through the different techniques and show you the proper boxing form. You will also be able to choose your own music through the app and sync up any Bluetooth heart rate monitor. And of course, the punch trackers will help to keep track of your punch count, so you don’t lose sight of your goal. The classes aren’t live, but I find there’s more than enough motivation to push myself since the leaderboard lets me compete against myself and other FightCamp members.

Round Three

The FightCamp workout sessions are short. They last anywhere from 15-35 minutes and this was honestly perfect for my busy schedule. I actually had the bag set up in my daughter's room as it was the area we had the most available space. This turned out to be a great spot. I could put her in the room for playtime and keep an eye on her while I got my workout in. She even started to call it Mama's Boom Boom. And while I doubt this will become FightCamp's catchphrase, I liked that my daughter got excited about her mom taking care of herself. I hope it instills that same healthy mindset in her for when she is older. In fact, FightCamp actually sends kid gloves in one of their packages and this might need to be something we look into for the future!


Overall, FightCamp was a knockout. It allowed me to get in amazing HIIT sessions while also combining my love for boxing. The fact that I could choose my boxing workout, monitor my progress, and also burn a ton of calories in a (very!) short period of time is exactly what I needed. Not to mention, the stress relief I got from hitting the bag was pretty phenomenal. It really is amazing what a few three-minute rounds on a boxing bag can do for your overall health and happiness.