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Fancii vs. Dr. Dennis Gross: My Favorite Facial Steamer

Heidi Austin
ByHeidi AustinNov 13, 2022Sponsored

My skin has been going through some changes in the winter, and as an esthetician, I’ve seen the way facial steamers can work wonders for dry skin. From detoxifying the skin to clearing the sinuses, a facial steamer should be in everyone’s skincare arsenal. I tried two different steamers from Fancii and Dr. Dennis Gross to see which one has the best features, so you don’t have to!

If you want more features and benefits… Fancii

Fancii easily wins in this category. It comes with 6 hot and cool settings, plus an extra large water reservoir and an infuser basket to add water-soluble essential oils, fruit or tea for the ultimate aromatic spa experience.

It also comes with a rotating nozzle, so you can simply relax in front of it while it makes its way around the face and shoulders, covering every pore. There’s no shortage of steam combinations you can try to bring your favorite facial into your home. Tone and tighten your pores with a 20-minute alternate hot & cold setting, or try the 15-minute “Hydrate and Glow” setting to leave your skin radiant and fresh. With steam settings between 4 and 30 minutes (including a timer), there’s a luxurious experience waiting for everyone!

Dr. Dennis Gross’ facial steamer is much simpler. It has an on/off switch for one hot steam setting, and the nozzle doesn’t move around, so I found I had to move my face around to get full coverage.

If you want a longer steaming time… Fancii

Fancii has a significantly larger water reservoir, providing a steaming time of 36 full minutes, which is more than enough for multiple sessions! One session should be a maximum of 30 minutes, but even a quick 4 minutes is enough to soften and hydrate your skin.

Dr. Dennis Gross’ reservoir only allows for an 8-9 minute long session before running out and turning off automatically.

If you want a more compact, easier-to-carry design.. Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross has a convenient handle and a slightly smaller size, which makes it easier to take on-the-go. Fancii is a bit bigger and doesn’t come with a handle, but I think it’s also lightweight.

The winner: Fancii

Personally, I’ve found that you get significantly more features and benefits with Fancii’s facial steamer. The cold steam setting is a huge bonus, and is a great way to end the session to close the pores and lock in moisture. Personally I love the aesthetic of Fancii better–it really lives up to the name as it’s fancy on my counter! (Though my husband prefers Dr. Dennis Gross’ more masculine aesthetic). If you want dewy, glowing skin everyday and a true at-home spa experience, Fancii will make a great addition to your skin care routine!