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My Subscription Addiction

Fabletics vs. Vuori vs. Lululemon: Which Athleisure Brand Outperforms the Competition?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereMay 23, 2024Sponsored

As someone who’s always on the go (and likes to look and feel good while doing it), I’ve dipped my toes into virtually every athleisure brand out there. 

After browsing the racks and putting all kinds of garments to the test, I've developed strong opinions about what works, what doesn't, and—most importantly—which brands are worth the money

Today, I'm breaking down my experience with Fabletics, Vuori, and Lululemon to tell you which brand is a cut above the rest in 2024. One of them is even offering a Memorial Day Deal that is impossible to pass up.

If You Want the Best Deal... Fabletics 

While Lululemon and Vuori have some drool-worthy pieces, Fabletics has kept me looking fly without the sticker shock.

We all love a good deal, but sometimes a “deal” can mean “dubious quality.” I’m happy to say that (from leggings, to sports bras, to tops, and even onesies) Fabletics has always delivered quality without compromise in my experience.  

Fabletics makes me feel like I'm getting the insider deal every time with high-quality and low prices. They also have an out-of-this-world VIP program that I think is impossible to beat. But more on that in a moment…

If You Want Cutting-Edge Style... Lululemon

The athleisure landscape has changed dramatically in recent years with more and more competition among brands to provide the best-looking apparel. 

While Fabletics and Vuori have come out swinging with great looks, I think Lululemon remains on top with cutting-edge styles that aren’t going anywhere. 

I think this is because Lulu had a jump on the competition before other brands showed up on the scene. But in 2024, Vuori and Fabletics are hot on their heels with many styles that are just as attractive as Lulu’s more classic looks.  

Some of this is up to personal preference, but I have to give Lulu a point here for a collection that looks great (albeit, in my experience, on a limited number of body types). 

If You’re All About Sustainability... It's a Tie

Price and performance are key, but it’s always nice to know that your clothes are doing something a little extra for the planet. 

This is where I have to give equal points to Vuori, Lululemon, and Fabletics for their sustainable practices. Fabletics is carbon neutral and a champion of eco-conscious design while Lulu and Vuori continue to go above and beyond in their commitments to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It’s a three-way tie! 

If You Want to Feel Like a VIP... Fabletics

Now, about that VIP program…

Imagine a club where everyone knows your name, your fitness goals, and your style. That's the Fabletics VIP experience: a program where (for $59.95/month) you get access to discounts on EVERYTHING across the Fabletics website and can redeem your monthly membership fee for store credit. 

What's even better is that Fabletics is offering an amazing sale for all new VIP members. For a limited time, new VIPs can get 80% off everything, 2 pairs of leggings for $24, $24 swim sets, and MORE. This sale is only available through June 4, so I would join their VIP program before its too late.

While Vuori and Lululemon offer a nice enough customer experience, Fabletics really knows how to roll out the red carpet and treat me like fitness royalty.

If “One Size Fits All” Doesn’t Cut It... Fabletics

For me, it means a lot when a brand understands we're not all cut from the same cloth. Vuori and Lululemon are inching closer with more inclusive sizing options, but in my experience, Fabletics leads the pack by a mile by offering sizes ranging from XXS to 4X, making sure everyone can strut their stuff in style.

Fabletics’ highly personalized offerings don’t end there, though. The Fabletics FIT app—a VIP member service that’s basically my personal trainer in digital form—offers hundreds of workouts and meditations tailored to my fitness goals and helps me track my progress on my fitness journey.   

My Pick of the Bunch... Fabletics

Though there are a lot of great offerings out there, I have to give the crown to Fabletics. It’s the thoughtful personalization, eye toward inclusivity, and those crazy VIP perks that make me feel like the belle of the gym ball.

Vuori and Lulu have their moments, no doubt, but Fabletics has won my heart over time and time again with perks that are as rewarding as my morning workout. That’s why I think Fabletics is a cut above the competition in 2024!