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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Fabletics vs. Nike: See My Workout Winner

Kyle Hart
ByKyle HartNov 16, 2022Sponsored

Between playing college hockey and working out 5 times a week on top of that, I spend a lot of time in workout clothes. Aside from the gym and practice, I would say 25% off what I wear is sweatpants and an athletic hoodie, especially when I’m WFH or just lounging. I don’t want to have to put too much thought into my clothes, so it’s a big deal that what’s in my drawer is working for me. Nike has been in my life since my high school sports years, and I found out about Fabletics after it came highly recommended by some of my friends. Between Fabletics and Nike, find out which one I’m stocking my closet with.

If you want workout clothes that last… Fabletics

I get new workout clothes here and there, but I typically hold on to them for a while. Fabletics workout clothes are really well-made, especially for their affordable price. My favorite Fabletics items are their shorts and shirts, but I just got a pair of joggers for winter. Vermont winters get very cold (below 0 degrees!), so these are crucial. I also like that they’re lightweight and sweat wicking—something that's breathable but won’t absorb my sweat and get heavy or cold.

If you want tons of style options for your workout clothes… Fabletics

I like to keep my workout gear very easy yet stylish, which is why Fabletics is a great choice. I already said I like that their logos are minimalist, but the fabric also gives you a nice stretch with an athletic look. An issue I’ve had with Nike gear is armpit discoloration, which nobody wants! As a result I’ve been drawn to darker colors for my workout clothes, and Fabletics has really sleek stuff. But for my teammates who are into wearing colors and patterns, they have some tasteful colors and designs that are fun without looking ridiculous.

If you like repping a familiar logo… Nike

Some people love a logo, and I get that–I feel so good repping my University of Vermont hockey stuff. When I’ve worn Nike clothes in the past, I find that the logo usually wears off after a while. Fabletics clothes have a subtle logo, and in some cases it’s embroidered in. So with Fabletics you know your clothes are going to stay in good shape, including the logo.

If you want more bang for your buck… Fabletics

The way the Fabletics membership works is you are charged a monthly membership price of $59.95. You can redeem your membership credit for any item or outfit up to $100, which makes the subscription price an incredible deal. You can skip any month that you want, or you can save up your monthly credit to use later. Credits only expire after 12 months, which gives you plenty of time to use them. So, if you don’t like the items that month, or you’re like me and only like to shop when you need to re-up your workout clothes, this is a great system. I find that this subscription helps me budget and prevents me from making large, unnecessary purchases like I might in a store.

You can also score some insane introductory offers when you sign up for a VIP membership–we’re talking 2 for $24 shorts, 3 for $12 underwear, $19 pants, and 2 for $15 shirts. You definitely can’t forget about the 70% off everything deal, too.

My Winner is… Fabletics

Fabletics is a great choice for athletic clothes. I love working out in these clothes because their stretch fabric is quality and holds up. I like that the logos are minimalist and secure. I also appreciate that I can find the neutral colors I like, but I can also mix it up with some interesting colors or patterns if I want. I’ve been recommending Fabletics to all my teammates.