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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Fabletics vs. lululemon: Which Activewear Wins?

Tiffany Kepler
ByTiffany KeplerNov 25, 2022In partnership with Fabletics

Working out at the gym is way more fun when your activewear is not just functional, but stylish, too. Who wants to show up in their oldest T-shirt from college (you know…the one that doesn’t have any sweat-wicking properties)?

Two popular activewear brands, Fabletics and lululemon, share a lot of similarities: they both have you hitting the gym in your best matching set, but they’re also high-quality and performance-based. I tested both brands to find out which activewear I’m choosing to show off in the gym, and there was one clear winner…

If you want fun styles, colors, & patterns…Fabletics

Fabletics and lululemon both have some pretty amazing patterns–whether you’re looking for a bold cheetah print or a staple black legging, both brands allow you to choose the gear that speaks to you.

However, I’d definitely consider lululemon’s style more “classy and sophisticated”, while Fabletics’ offerings are fun prints and patterns that I’m excited to throw on. From holiday prints to vibrant crushed velour styles to my favorite foil metallic leggings, you can find a style that’s perfect for literally any mood or occasion.

Fabletics also drops new styles every week, and there’s a ton of matching sets of tops and bottoms–there’s always something to look forward to when you shop on Fabletics’ site. Lululemon, on the other hand, doesn’t have as many matching set opportunities.

If you want to pay less…Fabletics

Fabletics price points start well below the price of lululemon, and they also offer a membership. To me, a Fabletics subscription is a no-brainer. At $59.95 per month for access to benefits, you can redeem credits for any two-piece set or item up to $100, so the membership really pays for itself. You can also skip a month if you feel like it, so there’s no pressure.

At this time, lululemon doesn’t have a subscription option. Lululemon clothes come in at a much higher price point (around $80-$120), whereas Fabletics is much cheaper. Plus, you get amazing discounts and introductory deals, like their current Black Friday deal which is 80% off sitewide for new VIP members.

If you’re looking for quality…tie

Fabletics’ and lululemon’s buttery smooth options give women a unique kind of confidence–these brands’ buttery smooth fabrics feel high-quality and luxe to wear. The non-see-through, sweat-wicking activewear from both brands is perfect for both lounging and working up a sweat.

If you’re looking for men’s selections…Fabletics

I notice more options like color and varying styles from Fabletics’ mens line versus lululemon. The price range for lululemon’s men's line is over $100 for almost every item, while Fabletics’ mens price range averages around $50.

Plus, men's items are available through the women’s membership, which makes shopping for the whole household super easy. My husband is in the youth travel sports world, and confirms that Fabletics’ price tag makes them stand out as the winner.

My winner

To me, the winner is clear–Fabletics hits the mark on fun styles, affordability, membership options and benefits, and men’s selections. I’ll definitely be rocking Fabletics when I hit the gym (and you can bet I’ll look super stylish, too)!