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Fabletics vs. lululemon: Here’s My Favorite

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsJan 25, 2023Sponsored

Recently, I was in the market to hit refresh on my workout clothes for 2023, and the two top contenders for my new favorite gymwear were Fabletics and lululemon. So, I tried them both and ordered their top 2023 recommendations for men…and let me tell you, one brand certainly sold me as a lifetime customer!

Read my comparison below between Fabletics and lululemon on price, options, brand name and quality of clothing:

If You Want More Bang For Your Buck… Fabletics.

So, as you probably know already, the deal with lululemon is that it can cost you an arm and a leg just to get a new T-shirt every month. I did get some decent styles from them this past January, but honestly, I got just as good if not better options from Fabletics…for half the price.

It would be justifiable for lululemon to have the crazy prices that they do if their clothing were just on another style and quality level…but in my opinion, they’re not. And that’s why Fabletics can get you waayy more bang for your buck. Take Fabletics' Fundamental Short II, for example: with both hidden and external pockets, anti-stink & sweat qualities, and a no-roll waistband, Fabletics’ gear has all the high-quality performance tech you’d expect from a brand that costs thrice as much.

In comparing Fabletics & lululemon shorts, I noticed that Fabletics’ Fundamental Short II was 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex (the brand name for elastane), whereas lululemon’s Pace Breaker Linerless Shorts were 86% Recycled Polyester and 14% Elastane. In my opinion, this makes them a very similar product, but with lululemon’s costing significantly more. Nabbing Fabletics' 2 for $24 New VIP Offer ($12 per short?!) vs. lululemon’s $68 Pace Breaker short? It’s pretty clear which one I’m choosing.

In my Fabletics gear-up, I got 2 workout shirts, 2 pairs of running shorts and 2 boxer briefs. For the same amount of money at lulu, I only got 2 pairs of shorts!

If You Want More Styles And Options… Fabletics.

Here’s where I really give it to Fabletics: their clothing and workout gear are next-level fresh and stylish. From colors & prints like Mint Mist Perforated and Max Square Biz Large, Fabletics really speaks to my stylish, flashy side.

I noticed with lulu that they mainly offered boring and muted colors that didn’t match my personality. Fabletics’ darker colors are sleek, fresh and clean. And for shorts, they’ve got a bunch of different patterns and tasteful colors that bring out the gym rockstar in me.

I know a lot of guys that don’t really think it matters what you wear to the gym and workout in, but I’m not one of them. Wearing fresh styles from Fabletics has brought me a ton of energy and excitement in the gym to start 2023!

If You Want That Instant Shopping Gratification… lululemon.

If you love the kind of shopping spree that involves adding a bunch of products to your basket and hitting the dressing room, you’ll want to turn to a brick-and-mortar lululemon store. You’ll be able to try things on or nab a quick gift card for a friend.

Fabletics also has in-person stores, but there aren’t as many locations. Plus, a lot of fitness studios like Corepower sell lululemon clothes, so you can pick something up pre- or post-workout.

For all new members, Fabletics offers you 70% off your first order and 2 for $24 shorts!

Overall, Fabletics Is Definitely The Winner Over lululemon!

Overall, if you’re in the market for some new workout clothes or everyday stylish clothing, then I’d highly recommend going with Fabletics!

You get more bang for your buck, and to me, Fabletics feels high-quality and longer-lasting than lululemon’s gear. Lulu looks cool and all, but in my experience, I prefer the way my Fabletics hold up in tough workouts, and lulu costs way more.

Plus, new VIP members can get 2 for $24 shorts, $19 pants, 3 for $12 briefs, and so much more!