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My Subscription Addiction

Everything You Need to Know About Wagmo and Their Pet Wellness and Insurance Plans in 60(ish) Seconds

Steven Triana
BySteven TrianaNov 15, 2022In partnership with Wagmo

Ready? Start the clock. I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about Wagmo and their different coverage options (wellness vs. insurance) in 60 seconds.

We’ve all been there before: your furchild needs to go to the vet and the tests can be brutal on the wallet, and many of you are experiencing it for the first time having taken in a pandemic pet companion over the last few years. Shots, diagnostic tests, medication…it can add up, and with inflation hitting everywhere, saving a buck is critical.

When we go to the doctor, we use health insurance to help cover the costs. Did you know that our pet friends have that too? That’s right…pets have pet health insurance! There’s several out there, but when it comes to one of the most versatile, easiest options with the best savings, it's Wagmo.

1). There are two different plans 

Wagmo has two different plan options: wellness and insurance, which cover different things. Wellness plans cover routine care (ex. annual checkups and grooming), while Insurance covers unexpected emergencies (ex. surgeries). Within the Wellness plan option, you have a Value, Classic, or Deluxe option, and each has a few more benefits as you upgrade in price. For example, the Value package is priced at $20/month and includes things like a yearly exam, 2 vaccines per year, one routine blood work per year, and 1 fecal test per year. The Classic plan is $36/month and also includes an extra vaccine, 1 Urinalysis test per year, flea/tick/heartworm medication (up to $100/year), and grooming (up to $100/year).

A perk? Under the Wellness Classic and Deluxe packages, you can get some pampering covered, which is exactly what I used it for with my little dude Clyde! Additionally, the Deluxe plan now includes Wagmo’s new VETalk feature, which allows members to connect with vet experts 24/7 and get help on a range of topics like behavior, nutrition, illnesses, and wellness.

2). Submitting a claim is as simple as 1,2,3 

The ease in how to use the Wagmo app is probably the best part. No more sitting down and scanning receipts and submitting emails and such. It’s literally as easy as opening the app, clicking “Submit a claim,” and the app will either ask you if you want to upload a previous picture, take one right then and there, or if you got an email from your vet or groomer, upload a PDF. Go over everything one final time, and submit….and then go back to playing with your pet!

The claims are processed very quickly, and with multiple pets covered, you can save 10%!

3). Difference between Wagmo Wellness and Wagmo Insurance

I know, I’m running low on time, and you want to know the difference between Wagmo Insurance vs. Wagmo Wellness. Wagmo Wellness is available in all 50 states and covers the routine and preventative care you would do annually for your pet. Their Wellness plans have no restrictions on breed, age, or pre-existing conditions–all pets are welcome!

Wagmo Insurance is for those moments we don’t want to think about: accidents or other serious emergencies. Wagmo Insurance covers things like emergency vet visits, surgeries, X-Rays, and cancer treatment. The cost of insurance varies depending on the age and breed of your pet, but they offer customizable quotes (you can change the deductibles and % covered). You can get your free quote here to see what it would cost.

Let’s Recap

So, with 10 seconds left, let’s recap: Wagmo is a company trusted by thousands of pet parents to cover their pet bills with Wellness (for routine coverage) and Insurance (for unexpected emergencies) plans. It’s unbelievably easy and quick to use, and you save money.

That’s the buzzer. And now you know (almost) everything about my new favorite furbaby app Wagmo in 60(ish) seconds.