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My Subscription Addiction

Everything You Need To Know About lululemon Studio’s Partner Studios – Which Is Right For You?

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereDec 30, 2022In Partnership With lululemon Studio

So, you’re thinking of investing in at-home gym equipment as a holiday treat or for your New Year’s resolution. You may have heard about lululemon Studio, the fitness mirror with 10,000+ live and on-demand classes that takes up no space in your home (I’m looking at you, people with small NYC apartments like me). You may be wondering if you should buy it, but want to know more about the classes they offer. I’m here to help!

Lululemon Studio has 60+ types of workouts from their team of top notch instructors, ranging from yoga and HIIT to dance cardio, boxing, and more. Even better, they just added classes from 8 of the top studios across the country including DOGPOUND, Forward Space, AARMY, Y7 Studio, Pure Barre, Rumble, YogaSix, and AKT. I’ll break down some of my favorites below and what you need to know about these classes so you can determine which classes are right for you!

lululemon Studio Classes

First and foremost, you can choose from thousands of classes from lululemon Studio’s team of elite trainers. These classes can be taken live throughout the day or on-demand, and I love the variety they have. I can take a HIIT bootcamp and strength class in the morning, and then wind down with a stretch at the end of the day. The instructors are some of the best in the game, with backgrounds from gyms like Equinox, Physique 57, and more. You can also do personal training from the comfort of your own home starting at $40/session. I have LOVED every training session I have done and have been sore for days after.


AARMY was started by celebrity fitness trainer Akin Akman, formerly of SoulCycle fame. I have found these to be some of the hardest but most rewarding classes on the platform. The workouts are primarily bootcamp style with strength, conditioning, and agility drills synced to the beat of the music. You can pick muscle focus (ranging from “full body'' to “abs only” and everything in between) and length of time. Expect to get a solid sweat no matter your choice. Akin’s teaching style is motivational yet accessible, and I find the classes fly by.

It might be right for you if…you love a hard HIIT workout, enjoy working out to the beat of the music, like trying a new trendy workout, or feel you are a competitive person.


I have been a Rumble fan since it opened in NYC in 2016, and I used to go weekly with my friends to Andy Stern’s classes. This all died down after we graduated business school and the pandemic, so imagine my delight when I saw his name pop up on my lululemon Studio app. Rumble is a boxing workout split into rounds of punching and rounds of strength/conditioning (no crazy drills like AARMY, these are a bit more straightforward). Expect to work in three-minute intervals (you can do anything for three minutes, right?) and have a super fun but effective workout.

It might be right for you if… you’ve wanted to try boxing but don’t know where to begin. The instructors break down the moves for you clearly and you only have to get through three minutes of workout intervals at a time. I have found boxing to be one of the best arm toning workouts around, as well as a stress reliever. If you want a fun but challenging workout, you’ll love Rumble.

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is the most popular barre studio in the country, with over 600 studios in North America. In my opinion, they’ve helped make barre into the popular workout it is today. Expect a very traditional barre class here – small movements with high repetition – with classes hitting all body parts. You’ll get a great quad burn from the leg series, and an equally painful arm burn during the arm portion of the workout. They have a range of classes in terms of class length and equipment needed, so you’ll be sure to find one that works for you.

It might be right for you if… you’re new to barre, an expert, or want to try a low impact toning workout. The instructors provide modifications and advancements for exercise to make them adaptable to all levels. I think barre, especially these Pure Barre classes, are some of the best toning workouts around. I love how low impact they are–definitely give this a try if those are important elements of a workout to you.

Y7 Studio

Given my love of AARMY and Rumble, you may have guessed that I’m not a huge yoga fan. Y7 Studio is a hip hop yoga studio from LA and NYC, and the classes are the closest I’ve come to actually enjoying yoga. Each one is broken down into different flows, and you repeat each flow three times (once slowly with the instructor, once on the beat with the instructor, and then on your own time). For me, this breakdown makes it more accessible and easier mentally to get through. The flows get more challenging throughout class, but I like that I can always modify it with a down dog or child’s pose when I need to.

It might be right for you if… you’re a yoga expert, novice, or a non-believer. The class structure makes it accessible for all levels, and the music and energy from the instructors add to the fun. I have always described Y7 Studio as the “SoulCycle of yoga” so if you’re a SoulCycle fan and need some yoga in your life, definitely try Y7 Studio.

Other Important Things to Know

If you’re serious about your wellbeing or shopping for someone who loves fitness (or both!), the lululemon Studio Mirror is perfect for you. It takes up virtually no space and can fit seamlessly into any room of your house, and you can workout from the app on the go, which I love doing when I travel.

Plus, the lululemon Studio is one of the more affordable home gyms, coming in at $795. You’ll also pay a $39/month membership, but you get some great perks from this, like 10% off all lululemon purchases and 20% off in person workouts at partner studios. Because of the diverse range of workouts (and great membership perks), I think the lululemon Studio Mirror is the perfect home gym solution for anyone no matter what stage of their fitness journey they’re in.