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Everyday Dose vs. Coffee: Which One Gives The Best Buzz?

Krystal Dunn
ByKrystal DunnJan 11, 2023Sponsored

As a mom with a toddler, I live on caffeine. But the older my daughter gets, the more caffeine I feel I need throughout the day to keep my energy levels up. I was at the point where my anxiety was at an all-time high and my sleep habits were super inconsistent, which had me searching for coffee alternatives.

Since finding Everyday Dose’s better-for-you mushroom coffee, I’ve compared and contrasted it with my everyday cup of joe. Here’s which one I’m turning to for my morning buzz…

If you want sustainable energy during the day & better sleep at nighttime… Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose’s mushroom coffee is made with 100% fruiting body Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms, organic & fair-trade cold brew coffee extract, plus grass-fed collagen and L-Theanine for reducing anxiety. These ingredients provide long-lasting energy that doesn’t cause anxiety, crashing, headaches, or dehydration like coffee does.

Though just one cup of Everyday Dose per day gives me enough energy without the afternoon crash, maybe you’re a 2-3 cups-of-coffee-per-day kind of person. Luckily, Everyday Dose has 80% less caffeine than your normal cup of coffee, so if I find myself craving some Everyday Dose later in the day I’m still sleeping soundly at night. This is huge for me since I’m no stranger to insomnia and am always tossing and turning if I have coffee after 11am. Getting 8 hours of sleep per night with a toddler? Check.

If you like a delicious iced coffee in the morning (without the long drive-through lines)… Everyday Dose

If you’re a fellow coffee drinker, you know how important taste is – especially if you’ve got a go-to order. I’m pretty loyal to my iced caramel lattes from Starbucks, so I wanted to see if Everyday Dose could come close to matching what I like.

I tried it plain and also with just milk, and both versions were delicious. It’s super creamy and tastes like a light-roast coffee – it was exactly what I like when I have a regular cup. I took the customization a little further and added 1 scoop of Everyday Dose to a cup with water, some plant-based milk, and a dash of sugar-free caramel syrup, and it tasted just like my favorite latte. Needless to say…I can kiss my morning coffee shop ritual goodbye (and save money and time while I’m at it).

If accessibility on-the-go is your deal…. Coffee

Maybe you’re always traveling for work, or you’re constantly in a rush. Personally, it doesn’t really get more convenient than Everyday Dose – all you have to do is mix 1-2 scoops into your cup with 4-7 oz. of water, and froth it up or give it a stir (it’s basically a 10-second ordeal). They also have convenient single serve packets to take on the go if you’re traveling – but to be fair, coffee is pretty easy to find, whether you’re at work, traveling, or on vacation. Though if you’re experiencing an afternoon crash, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If you’re looking for glowing skin, healthier joints, and gut health…. Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose’s Chaga, Lion’s Mane, collagen, and L-Theanine, is full of stress-relieving adaptogens and essential amino acids to provide long-lasting benefits. In your first month, you’ll notice better sleep, a boosted mood, and sharper focus throughout the day. Continue “dosing” and you’ll experience a healthier gut, consistent energy, and glowing skin & healthy joints thanks to the collagen.

The overall winner…. Everyday Dose

After trying out Everyday Dose, there’s no contest as to which I’m choosing. I’m no longer having the jitters, I have less anxiety, and I’m sleeping a full 8 hours, which I’ve never experienced before. At just a little over $1 per cup, Everyday Dose is the healthier and cheaper alternative to coffee, and I can’t get enough of it!