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My Subscription Addiction

Ekster vs. Ridge: Which Ultra Slim Wallet Is Best?

Joey Capo
ByJoey CapoJan 4, 2023Sponsored

I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve had my old wallet for far too long. It was ugly and bulky but I honestly thought that’s what wallets were supposed to look like. But then I came across these minimal, ultra-slim wallets on TikTok and I realized what I had been missing. I knew I had to upgrade to one of these high-tech metal wallets and after a bit more research, I narrowed down my search to two brands: Ekster vs. Ridge.

Both Ekster and Ridge wallets are sleek yet functional with RFID-blocking technology and the option to add tracking so you’ll never lose your wallet again. But which one is right for me? Keep reading to find out my pick.

If you want a slim and modern wallet with quick access to your cards…Ekster

Maybe you’ve seen the videos but there’s a reason the Ekster wallet went viral on TikTok. The way that this wallet fans out your cards at a click of a button not only looks cool but makes it super easy to find the card that you need quickly. The Ridge wallet holds up to 12 cards and the Ekster wallet holds up to 15 but trying to find the card you need with the Ridge can be awkward while the Ekster wallet makes it seamless.

If you’re not looking to break the bank with your wallet purchase…Ekster

I never understood spending a lot of money on something that’s supposed to be holding your money. And while neither the Ridge nor Ekster wallets are too crazy of a splurge, the Ekster wallets seem like the better value to me. The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is $79 (currently on sale for $55), compared to the Ridge’s Aluminum Wallet which starts at $95 (currently on sale for $85).

If you prefer to have more color and design options…Ridge

I prefer a classic black myself but if you’re after more color options and different designs, you might want to check out Ridge. The Ridge wallets are made from aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or Damascus with a wide array of colors and designs. Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder comes in 15 colors and designs but nothing approaching the Ridge’s Neon Tiki or Tropical patterns. Ekster’s wallets are made from aluminum, carbon fiber, or premium leather.

If you care about sustainability…Ekster

Ekster’s commitment to sustainability is a huge plus, and I really appreciate companies that give back to our planet. From using low-impact materials to sustainable manufacturing and carbon offsetting, Ekster is working towards becoming 100% carbon neutral and achieving B-Corp Certification. The optional Tracker Card even uses solar energy, which is not only better for the environment but means you don’t have to worry about charging it.

My final choice…Ekster!

Ekster and Ridge might seem really similar but after looking at the different options and features, my clear choice was Ekster. I love the way Ekster makes it easy for me to access my cards with a click of a button. You’d think that would make Ekster more expensive but it’s actually the more affordable option. And their sustainability efforts really helped to seal the deal for me.

If you’re in need of a wallet upgrade like I was, I highly recommend checking out Ekster.