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The Unofficial FAQ Guide to Assisting Your Hearing

Dave H.
ByDave H.Nov 17, 2022In partnership with Eargo

I’ve worn an over-the-ear hearing aid for years, and while it has improved my quality of life, there are some serious drawbacks: they don’t look good and they require constant battery changes and repeated trips to the clinic whenever you need adjustments. So, I’m really glad to now have an Eargo hearing aid, which is virtually invisible in appearance, conveniently rechargeable, and easy to adjust via an app.

I started to gradually lose my hearing about twenty years ago, and I have to admit for a long time I was too embarrassed to get a hearing aid. I became adept at lipreading, but I was missing parts of conversations with family and friends more and more often.

Eventually, I had to bite the bullet and go to a specialist to talk about getting a hearing aid. Wearing it was certainly an adjustment, and for a while, I was self-conscious about it. But hearing aids only really work if you use them all the time, so — reluctantly — I committed to wearing mine.

Is there a hearing aid that works for all situations?

Everyone’s hearing needs are unique. When you get a behind-the-ear hearing aid, typically the audiologist or technician will customize it to get it as close as possible to addressing your specific daily needs. But there can be drawbacks.

First of all, BTE hearing aids aren’t exactly a fashion statement. Plus, many BTE hearing aid wearers struggle with glasses or facemasks.

Secondly, a hearing aid programmed to your specific needs still might not work optimally across a variety of environments. Your needs may differ depending on whether you are alone watching TV, on a busy street, working out at the gym, or socializing at a noisy restaurant. While some high-tech BTE hearing aids offer various environmental settings, mileage varies by product, and you still may have to return to the clinic to have further adjustments after some trial and error.

Eargo 6 overcomes these problems with its discreet form factor and its Sound Adjust technology. Because the aids are placed securely and comfortably within the ear, no one has to know I’m wearing them, and there are no problems with glasses or masks. With Sound Adjust, the aids automatically adjust to the soundscape around me with no need for manual adjustments.

Will I have help setting up my Eargo device?

Eargo is a full-service hearing wellness company. They offer more than a great hearing aid — I have on-demand access to a team of experts who are there to help me every step of the way.

It starts with a free online hearing screening. The next step is a welcome call with one of their hearing professionals. This call is really important, as it set me up to get the most out of my Eargo, and it was so convenient to be able to speak with an expert from the comfort of my own home.

Eargo also comes with an easy-to-use app that ensures your new hearing aids are completely tailored to your needs.

Can I try Eargo for free before purchasing?

If you’re used to an over-the-ear hearing aid and not sure if an in-ear device will work for you, Eargo sends you a non-working sample hearing aid so you can check out how it feels. (Personally, I find Eargo to be very comfortable — you’ll quickly forget that it’s even there.)

Is the Eargo worth it?

Eargo offers models ranging from $1,500 up to $2,950 per kit, which includes two aids, a charger, and a cleaning kit. This may seem steep but is actually affordable compared to the average cost of $4,600 for a set of 2 hearing aids in the US. Plus, Eargo has multiple monthly financing options including a 0% interest option, and is an eligible HSA/FSA expense.

Plus, Eargo’s team of hearing professionals provides lifetime support from the comfort of home. This is something many competing brands don’t offer.

There is also a major cost advantage to Eargo because its batteries are fully rechargeable. Some conventional hearing aids that aren’t rechargeable require new batteries every day, which quickly adds up to a serious drain on your wallet.

With an adaptable device, rechargeable batteries, and great customer service, it can seriously improve your quality of life — and that’s priceless.

Start as soon as you can to avoid disruption in your life

If a virtually invisible hearing aid had been around when I started to lose my hearing, I would have used it. Instead, I missed out on a lot of meaningful moments with friends and family because I was too embarrassed to wear a BTE hearing aid in social situations. So if you don’t want to miss a beat with friends and family, Eargo’s revolutionary products might be perfect for you.