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Dead Serious – Here’s Why You Need a Vajacial Stat

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Mar 22, 2023In Partnership With Bushbalm

I am a licensed esthetician focused on nourishing facials and skin care and in the last few years, I have seen it all. With treatments like vampire facials, permanent makeup, fish pedicures, micro-needling, (and much more), it can be a bit bewildering to say the least. And now? Well, vajacials are the next big thing. And while a facial for your *cough* vulva might seem absurd, it is actually one of my favorite new treatments.

I think the first question I get when I mention vajacials to literally anyone is “WHY?”. Well, It can be easy to forget that the sensitive skin below your belt needs love, too. It has fewer sebaceous glands and hair follicles, meaning a higher potential risk of ingrown hairs and sensitivities. And many of us literally use hot wax to rip the hair out of it. My face could never! After coming across Bushbalm, my vajacial needs are totally taken care of. Here’s why.

Healthy Skin Care Down There At Home

Vajacial” might conjure up some crazy visuals for you, but in reality, this treatment follows the standard facial protocol you might already know and love. The main steps are hair removal, steam, extractions (if necessary), gentle exfoliation, and a nourishing mask. Many estheticians are offering this service as an add-on to waxing services!

However, most people don’t have fancy steamers or extractors in their homes, and if even you did, using those tools in the same way that an esthetician does would be close to impossible (and require an amazing amount of flexibility!).

How To DIY It

Happily, I have mastered the art of the at-home vajacial with help from a few products from Bushbalm. I start my DIY treatment with their Sweet Escape Scrub to exfoliate my skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Second, remove your unwanted hair by shaving, sugaring, or waxing. At this point, your skin is probably ready for some TLC. Grab your favorite beverage, push play to your audiobook, and get comfy on your bed. Open your Bushbalm vajacial sheet mask and carefully apply the triangle to the front of your vulva and the thinner strips along the bikini line. After that? Relax and enjoy for 10 minutes before rubbing any excess serum into your skin. If you have ever used a Korean-style sheet mask, this new mask from Bushbalm is going to feel familiar.

The best part? An at-home vajacial can be yours for only $19 CAD!

The Results

As you can see from my pictures, I placed a strip on my freshly waxed thigh to show off how this mask calms my skin and literally zaps away redness thanks to aloe, hyaluronic acid, and green tea antioxidants. After you enjoy your mask, I recommend applying an oil like Bushbalm’s Nude Ingrown Hair Oil to moisturize the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Voilà! A happy bikini line!

Post waxing, my bikini line might be smooth, but it is inflamed, wildly sensitive, and prone to ingrown hairs. Despite my initial skepticism, the vajacial treatment from Bushbalm has been a game-changer. I enjoy virtually zero ingrown hairs, my skin recovers from redness faster, and I have less post-waxing discomfort.

My Verdict

In the past, the marketing around feminine hygiene has always felt more than a little embarrassing, with messaging aimed at keeping everything clean, deodorized, and itch-free. The skincare aspect has been sadly lacking. And I think that is why the concept of a vajacial is often met with confusion or skepticism. Now, though? It's 2022 and we get to enjoy skincare down there, too! And while I can’t recommend a vajacial from your trusted esthetician enough, anyone who wants to add a little self-care to their bikini lines at home is going to love the new vajacial sheet mask from Bushbalm. It is the perfect way to treat yourself to a spa-quality vajacial at home.