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Curly Girl Approved: My Formula for Fabulous Hair Days

Emily Evert
ByEmily EvertApr 2, 2022

I was 25 when I finally realized that I had naturally wavy hair. Prior to that, I thought I had poofy, unruly straight hair. I've really learned to love and embrace my wavy hair in the last few years, largely thanks to discovering the curly girl method. I've focused on learning about and caring for my hair, and it's definitely helped my hair get healthier.

It can be hard to find hair products that have everything you want, though! I want a shampoo and conditioner that are "curly girl approved", aren't too heavy for my fine hair strands, can help with curl definition, boost my volume, and can add strength to my fragile, fine hair. Oh, and I want it to smell great! I have yet to find that in store...but I know I'm picky. That's why I thought designing my own would be awesome!

Creating Your Perfect Shampoo And Conditioner

Prior to finding Function Of Beauty, I felt like I had to pick and choose, I couldn't get everything I wanted. On the Function Of Beauty website, you can customize your own shampoo and conditioner to be everything you want them to be. There are over 450 million possible combinations to be made at Function Of Beauty!

The website asks about your hair texture and density, so they knew my hair was fine-textured, wavy, and that I had a well-balanced scalp (not dry or oily). This helps them to create a formula that isn't too heavy, too drying, or too oily for me.

There was an option to choose up to five hair goals from quite a long list. I chose three, curl definition, strengthening, and volumizing. I was also able to select whether I wanted a silicone-free formula (to ensure that my conditioner would be curly girl approved), a fragrance (I went with Nude Peach) and whether I want the scent to be light, medium, or strong.

You also get to add your name (or the name of your choice) and this will be used to customize your bottle! Plus, you can select the color of your formula (or go dye-free), for both the shampoo and conditioner. I chose pink for one and purple for the other, to make washing my hair a bit more fun!

Function Of Beauty products are always vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. The brand is sustainability-focused and dermatologist tested.

Trying Customized Shampoo And Conditioner From Function Of Beauty On Wavy Curly Hair

The shampoo and conditioner ship with a closed cap on them. You could leave those caps on, or swap them for the pump dispensers that are included. I love having pumps on my hair products! Your box will include a note with details of how you customized your order and a list of the full ingredients for your customized products.

I have to say, the appearance of these bottles just makes me so happy. I love how fun the colors are, and how the bottles are customized with my name. The pink shampoo even has a shimmer to it! The brand also sent me some stickers, so I think Function Of Beauty is in full support of being in touch with your inner child!

When I first pumped out the shampoo, I immediately inhaled deeply through my nose and closed my eyes for a second. This stuff smells amazing, the scent turns washing my hair into a self-care experience. My customized shampoo is a gentle cleanser, it doesn't leave my hair feeling overly clean or "squeaky" which is exactly what I'm usually going for. I don't want to strip my hair of moisture when I shampoo.

The formula doesn't lather up very much, but they do recommend washing twice with their shampoo and it will suds up more on the second wash. I would have liked a little bit more slip from this shampoo. Still, it got my hair to the 'right' level of clean, and smelled amazing.

My custom Function Of Beauty conditioner is thicker than the shampoo and is more of a creamy appearance, yet it has that same amazing "nude peach" scent. I found the conditioner to have a good amount of slip, and it made my hair feel nice and conditioned while in the shower. I was easily able to detangle my hair with this conditioner.

I styled with my most common techniques and used one of my go-to mousses. Compared to my regular results, I feel like I had improved curl definition and volume, which were two of the three hair goals I had listed when creating these Function Of Beauty customized hair products. This experience with creating customized shampoo and conditioner was fun, and the results were what I had hoped for. I'm excited to see how these products perform for me with regular use, and for now, they get two thumbs up from me!

A customized shampoo and conditioner set of 8oz bottles is $39.99 and it ships free if you subscribe. Otherwise, shipping is $7.99.

Emily Evert
Emily Evert

I am in my early 30's and live in Michigan with my longtime partner Ryan. I've been blogging since 2009 (I was just 18!). I currently have three blogs, my review blog, a wavy hair blog, and a pug blog (though my two pugs have both passed on, sadly). I'm quite introverted, I happily spend most of my time at home. My interests include embracing my naturally wavy hair texture, to the point where I consider my hair a hobby. I like alt-country and Americana music. I enjoy watching true crime shows and documentaries on social movements, history or interesting people. When I make time reading memoirs. A couple years ago I started cross-stitching and embroidery. I'm not good at drawing so I can't really do arts or crafts that require drawing skills (like painting) but I enjoy easier arts and crafts, like paint by numbers, and adult coloring. Just this year I've jumped head-first into finally trying to learn makeup, as I somehow skipped over it as a teenager. I've improved a lot in the last few months and look forward to continuing to improve. As part of that makeup journey, I've also been looking to take better care of my skin and learn more about skincare products, as I'm trying to improve the texture of my skin so that makeup goes on nicer!