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My Subscription Addiction

Could These Preserved Roses Be The Home Decor Accent Of My Dreams? (Yes)

Maider Xiong
ByMaider XiongOct 6, 2022In Partnership With Ode a la Rose

Regular guests in my home know that fresh flowers are always part of the decor. I love the feel of flowers in my space—the way they invite me to pause as I go about my day, and the way my friends’ faces light up in a smile when they walk in.

Because I’m a rose lover, I often go for the same type of bouquet week after week. So when I found out that Ode à la Rose’s preserved roses last up to a year, I knew I needed to try this amazing accent for myself. Spoiler: I’m in love.

Classic Beauty

My husband knows that roses make me feel appreciated, and he never fails to bring me a single rose for my birthday and Mother’s Day each year. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do appreciate other flowers and have set peonies, sunflowers, and tulips out in vases before, but they wilt so disappointingly quickly. Even fresh roses outlast most other varieties, but preserved roses have a life far beyond what regular cut flowers could dream of.

Ode à la Rose stands out by pre-arranging their preserved roses in a beautiful vase instead of a box, so the roses arrive ready to be the centerpiece of a space instead of a disposable decor element. The Ode à la Rose arrangement I chose is the Lucille, which includes a classic white ceramic vase and 20 multi-colored roses in the shades white, pink and orange. I personally love soft muted colors, and am reliable in my tastes, so I’m certain I won’t tire of this arrangement’s beauty throughout the year that they’re promised to last.

Elevated Quality

When I buy flowers, I take care to know they were grown ethically. Ode à la Rose works with eco-friendly farms in Ecuador and Colombia, employed by native farmers. They receive the blooms freshly cut, then use a special treatment process that extends their life and keeps them vibrant for up to a year.

The miracle of it all is that they thrive without water, so there’s truly no maintenance standing in the way of enjoying their beauty long-term. I have my bouquet placed away from direct sunlight and out of the way of air vents in my home, so that these factors don’t negatively affect its longevity.

Truly Worth Every Penny

Ode à la Rose’s preserved flowers may seem like an investment, and I would say that’s true of all things worth having. But some simple math quickly puts the cost into perspective—if you, like me, tend to buy fresh flowers about every other week, that adds up to over $1,000 per year. Even the largest bouquet of 27 preserved flowers from Ode à la Rose is less than half that price. And it includes a beautiful, timeless vase. I am incredibly happy with these roses and have been enjoying moving them from room to room so that every corner of my home gets a taste of their loveliness.