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My Subscription Addiction

K-Cups vs. Cometeer: Which Will Be My New Afternoon Go-To Coffee?

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoOct 10, 2022Sponsored

When I have half the day under my belt and the afternoon drowsies hit, my post-lunch cup of coffee has a big responsibility. It’s filling the roles of energy boost, moral pick-me-up, and self-care ritual. Which means it’s got to be high quality, it’s got to be fresh for maximum flavor, and it’s got to be pleasant to prepare.

So, what will this one wild and wonderful cup of coffee be? Since we’re talking single-serve, I’m comparing Cometeer coffee pods and K-Cups. Find out which one fits the bill.

If you don’t want to buy a special coffee maker… Cometeer

If I’m being sent off to an island and can only bring three items with me, you know coffee is on that list. Do you know what’s NOT on it? A coffee maker, because man would that decrease my chances of survival. Jokes aside, I don’t have the counter space for a large, single-purpose appliance, so that rules K-Cups out for me. With Cometeer, all you need is the coffee capsule, the ingredients for your coffee or latte (so, water or milk), and your mug. Easy.

If you prefer familiar name-brand coffee… K-Cups

I’m all about supporting independent coffee roasters, and wherever I am in the world, I look for the local coffee shop–I’ve never met a craft coffee I didn’t like. That makes Cometeer an obvious choice for me: their coffee capsules come packed 8 in a box, and each box contains a different indie roaster’s coffee.

Others may look for a familiar name or logo so they know exactly what they’re getting from their cup of joe, and I respect that. So, if you’re a Starbucks, Dunkin, Caribou, or heck, even a Folgers kind of person, you’re going to find those name brands in your K-Cup selection at your local store.

If you're looking for variety… Cometeer

One of the many things I love about Cometeer is how the same capsule of already-brewed, 10x strength coffee can be served hot or cold. For a hot cup, just add 8 oz of hot water or milk; for a cold brew or iced latte, add cold water or milk with ice. That radical flexibility means this high-quality coffee is tailored to my whims, whatever they may be. If you want cold brew from your K-Cup, you’re going to have to buy it separately from the coffee you brew hot.

In each monthly subscription delivery, Cometeer sends a new variety of roasts—you can customize whether you prefer light, medium, dark, decaf, or a mix of roasts. If monthly deliveries don't provide enough coffee to fuel you, you can easily switch to every 2 weeks or every week.

If you’re keen on trying delicious, forward-thinking products… Cometeer

In some ways I’m old school, but when I get excited about innovation, it’s for reasons like this: someone thought of how to deliver me the deliciousness (and caffeine) I crave, but in a new way. With a “just add water” task on my end, it’s really hard to screw this coffee up. It’s so, so easy and delicious–I wish I could go back in time and replace all my pour-over failures with a Cometeer cup!

Additionally, Cometeer really excels in taste, especially when compared to K-Cup-compatible brands. Cometeer brews hyper-fresh coffee to perfection, and flash-freezes it to lock in those complex flavor profiles. Because Cometeer partners with renowned roasters who care about producing a flavorful cup, you can go forgo sugar, syrups, and any other add-ins that normally serve to mask the true taste of poorer-quality coffee.

As for what's actually inside the capsule? Cometeer stands out here as they are super transparent about their process, using in-house, proprietary techniques to prepare this delicious product as part of a farm-to-cup supply chain.

If you want the most green pod out there… Cometeer

To K-Cups’ credit, they are all now #5 curbside recyclable plastic. Cometeer cups are aluminum, which, if we’re getting specific, aluminum is the more eco-conscious choice because it can be recycled again and again. Also, since Cometeer does the brewing for us, we don’t have any used grounds to deal with and can toss that capsule right in the recycling bins. (Plus, some people are confused about whether they can recycle K-Cups with the grinds still inside, so they throw them in the trash.) So, Cometeer comes out on top for this one.

The easy winner is… Cometeer

Cometeer had me sold at craft coffee, but every other aspect of this brand proceeded to seal the deal. You don’t need any coffee maker at all, making this an amazing on-the-go option and a counter space saver. You can choose in the moment whether to enjoy your coffee hot or cold, and use the same capsule regardless. For those loyal to a mainstream brand of coffee or looking for flavored brew, you’re going to find your joy in K-Cups. But for me, it’s Cometeer all the way.