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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

ClassPass vs. lululemon Studio: How I Decided Which Was Right for Me 

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereOct 10, 2022Sponsored

Growing up, I hated exercise. You couldn’t pay me enough to go for a run or get on the elliptical. This all changed in college when I discovered group classes and how fun fitness could be. I started to work out nearly every day, which continued after college when I moved back to New York City and joined ClassPass (I’m talking about the original days back in 2013/2014).

Over the next few years, I tried almost every studio near me—from spinning to barre to yoga to HIIT. But my routine came to a screeching halt during the pandemic, and I found myself lost without my daily workout. That’s when I discovered lululemon Studio (formerly known as MIRROR), which allowed me to get a great workout without leaving home. At $795 for the Mirror and $39/month, lululemon Studio's pricing can definitely come in lower than some of the expensive offerings on ClassPass.

While I’ve loved working out with my Mirror, I still missed my favorite studios from ClassPass and was thinking of rejoining. However, that all changed with the recent news that lululemon Studio is adding classes from other studios – including some of my faves from ClassPass – to their platform.

Which platform is right for you? Here is a breakdown:

If you want to take classes from top studios on your time, in your home…lululemon Studio

As I mentioned, I love lululemon Studio’s diversity of workouts but was still missing some of my favorite ClassPass workouts. Luckily, lululemon Studio is adding classes from some of the very studios I missed the most including Rumble Boxing, Y7 Yoga, DogPound, Pure Barre, AARMY, and AKT. lululemon Studio's monthly membership comes in at $39, while one class at a studio can cost about that much (or more).

In other words, I can now take a HIIT class from celebrity trainer Akin Akman followed by a hip-hop yoga class from cult favorite Y7, all from my apartment, whenever I want! I don’t have to travel from studio to studio and be limited by what class has availability on ClassPass at a time that works with my schedule? Sign me up IMMEDIATELY!

If you want to work out anywhere, anytime…lululemon Studio

One of my favorite things about lululemon Studio is the flexibility to get a great workout anywhere, anytime. I take the app on the road with me when I travel and even found time for a boxing workout while on safari in Africa! Even for everyday use, I love the variety. Some days I can only squeeze in a 15-minute workout, while other days I might have time for a one-hour cardio class. lululemon Studio makes this so easy, and I’m excited that they are continuing to improve their workouts (for a great price, too).

If you prefer to work out at in-person classes…ClassPass

Let’s be real. Sometimes you want an in-person class to give you a little extra motivation or just to work out with a friend before brunch. If this describes you, ClassPass is a good fit. There’s a monthly membership fee that provides you with a certain number of credits, and you choose which classes to take (each class is worth a different amount of credits). I take an average of 10-15 classes per month.

While lululemon Studio is offering a 20% discount on in-store classes at its partner studios, ClassPass is preferred if you are the type of person who prefers to regularly work out in person and want to attend more than just the classes in lululemon’s network.

If you want additional membership perks…lululemon Studio

In a not-shocking turn of events, I also love exercise clothes. I’ve never met a pair of leggings I didn’t want to take home immediately. With that in mind, the lululemon membership discount is one of my favorite new perks. I save 10% on everything I buy at lululemon retail stores, which is perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Additional membership perks include: 20% in-store classes at partner studios, unlimited free classes in select lululemon stores, and more. I used to go to Rumble with a group of friends weekly before the pandemic, so I will definitely be treating myself to some classes there in the coming months. I’ve always wanted to try DogPound and definitely will be trying that as well!

The ultimate winner…lululemon Studio

For me, the winner is easy—I’ll be sticking with lululemon Studio for the long haul! Did I mention that the price for lululemon Studio is now $795, and you get access to all of these classes and membership perks with your $39 monthly subscription fee? ClassPass can cost up to $200 per month, so the Studio will pay for itself in just five months. That’s why it was a no-brainer for me to choose lululemon Studio over ClassPass.

Disclaimer: Full price last offered 10/4/22. $700 off plus free delivery (off $1,495 price). 20% off classes at participating US partner studio locations.