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Choosing the Best Fresh Food for Your Pup: The Farmer’s Dog vs. Freshpet

Allie Barron
ByAllie BarronOct 24, 2023Sponsored

Anyone who knows me knows how important my two golden retrievers, Cooper and Colbie, are to me. I want to give them the best lives possible, and that means feeding them top-of-the-line food to keep them healthy and happy.

While I was eating my own healthy, fresh foods for each meal, I wanted to be able to give my pups a similar experience. So I started looking into fresh food options for dogs. After comparing two top contenders, The Farmer’s Dog and Freshpet, I found the best option for my goldies.

If you’re also searching for the best fresh dog food for your pup, here’s what I found:

If you’re looking for the absolute freshest meals… The Farmer’s Dog

When considering the absolute freshness of the meals, The Farmer’s Dog clearly has the upper hand. Their food is made fresh to order and reaches your doorstep within just a few days of being cooked, ensuring that your pup gets the freshest meal possible.

On the other hand, while Freshpet does offer fresh food options, it's often sold in refrigerated cases at grocery stores, and there's no telling how long it might have been sitting there. It could be several weeks old by the time it reaches your pet's bowl.

If you prioritize customized plans and personalized nutrition… The Farmer’s Dog

What sets The Farmer’s Dog apart is their truly personalized approach. They offer a unique meal plan tailored for each dog, taking into account factors like age, breed, weight, and activity level. This level of personalization has been a game-changer for us. With Colbie being younger than Cooper, their food requirements differ, and The Farmer's Dog plan ensures each of them gets the right nutrients in the right amounts.

Freshpet, while offering a variety of pre-made meals that cater to general nutritional needs, lacks this degree of customization. You cannot fine-tune their offerings to suit your dog's individual requirements.

If you prefer picking up at the grocery store… Freshpet

Freshpet, being available both online and in retail stores, offers the immediate convenience of grabbing a meal for your furry friend on the go or during your regular grocery run. This can be especially handy in those unexpected situations when you might run out of dog food at the last minute.

However, I prefer the option to have food delivered right to my door. That’s why I opted for The Farmer’s Dog. I was able to find a flexible shipping plan, and the food comes to our home within days of being cooked.

If you value human-grade ingredients and variety… The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog only has human-grade ingredients in their meals, ensuring your pet gets the best quality nutrition. This dedication to quality is evident in Cooper and Colbie's improved coat shine and energy levels. Freshpet, on the other hand, may incorporate some by-products not suitable for human consumption. While by-products aren't inherently bad, it's comforting to know that The Farmer’s Dog maintains a standard that mirrors human food quality.

What’s more, The Farmer’s Dog offers a wider array of recipes compared to Freshpet. This is crucial for pet parents of finicky eaters or dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. I've noticed this firsthand; Colbie, in particular, is quite selective with her food, but she's always been receptive to the variety that The Farmer's Dog brings to her bowl.

My goldies love their fresh, convenient food from The Farmer’s Dog

Cooper and Colbie have shown their love for The Farmer’s Dog in many ways, like the excitement they have awaiting a delivery by the door. Their joy at mealtime speaks volumes. I appreciate not needing store runs for dog food, the assurance of fresh, human-grade ingredients, and meals tailored by vets to their unique needs. Moreover, the affordability, starting around $2 per day, seals the deal. Clearly, The Farmer's Dog is our top choice.